T-80U on the 11.3

swedish T80U is the same as soviet T80U. but why soviet T80U has 3bm46 but swedish T80U doesn’t have it. i play in sweden and require 3bm46 to be added to my T80U. Add 3bm46 to swedish T80U and upgrade it to 11.3. do the same as T80U in soviet.
thank’s Gaijin team.

please support me. let them add it

3BM46 was never exported, same reason the Bishima TWIP only has mango.

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nice joke

Not a joke. The swedish T80u was only tested with 3Bm42, and the same is true of the bishima twip

swedish t80u never got shipped with it irl and thus its not ingame

but it is necessary

but, it is necessary

Yeah that is what Gaijin uses now to justify worse shell for T-80U. But people have to remember that ammo is balancing factor. They have many times stated that if gun can fire shell it can be added.
This is why Maus got experimental sabot, IS-2 1944 got post-war shell…etc

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But at its br the swedish t-80 is balanced


I mean most likely it is, I don’t have it yet but I have normal T-80U.
Gaijin doesn’t care that there is every way better tank at same br, because they only care how it performs in hands of players. So it won’t get better round long as it performs well.

the is 2 1944 was in service for a long time after ww2 and used the post war shell thus it gets it ingame

IYes, but people wanted IS-2M with this shell and when it was removed one of the reason was not just people wanted it removed from 1944, but gaijin also justified it by IS-2 1944 never using it and it was only used by post-war upgraded variant.

the is 2m wasnt a thing untill 1960 its a pretty safe bet to assume that br 472d was in service before that and would be equipped to all tanks with the 122mm cannon

source: Отечественные бронированные машины 1945-65

Skill issue, it is well placed on current BR

why do you think so?

It has good mobility, reload and armor. The round is decent enough and will work if you know where to shoot. Also not long time ago it used to be 10.7 and was undeniably op on this BR which is why it was moved to 11.0