T-80U gun sight clutter and gun shake

Hello fellow biased comrades. I’ve started playing top tier RU recently and one thing that struck me is how awful the gun sight is on the T-80U specifically. I ran comparisons and sure enough there’s something off with the font size and all. The attached screenshots are the BVM compared to the U. Same zoomed FOV of 6°, the BVM is clean, the U is a mess. I couldn’t find any report of this on forums so here I am.

The next issue… might not be an issue, it could be intended but that seems very odd nevertheless : the gun shake when firing (at the same 6° FOV) is extreme on the T-80U, very confusing, I could see sensitive people having vertigo from that, it’s wild. Here again compared to the very normal shake from the BVM (90M, 72B3… literally every other tank at lower BR I can think off too. Recoil on some platforms I’ve seen and understand (Pantsir firing sideways, etc.) but shaking like that on a tank, firing forward ? Never)

This is all while firing their top dart (3BM60 and 3BM46 respectively)

Have fun everyone ! (except the red team, no fun allowed)

PS This is my first report ever so if I posted something wrong or at the wrong place, please let me know, no harm intended ;)

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