T-80 survivalability - Quiz!

I would like to make a little quiz today. Just a quick quiz what do you think what happened to this T-80 who got jumped by super stealth low profile ADATS:

An bit differen perspective:

So what do you think will happen ?

  • It is a Merica tech - missile will miss
  • Mobility kill - it wont go anywhere without a track
  • Stalinium will protect it - no harm done
  • This vehicle D(B)oomed! - turrets will be flying
  • Its just a flash wound - maybe crew will need some patching and some ammo may be missing

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I will reveal whole story, once some votes are casted :)

Note: Yeas this is a bit rant, but I’m at least trying to make it entertaining :)

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nothing, missle will do no dmg or just pass right through because of stalinium warp technologie…

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