T-80 Bugs

I know, i just play in high BR pve, because i don’t have a full lineup, and also high tier is just a mess.

Also playing a few PVE matches in the moring is a good way to turn my brain on for the day while i eat something and drink my coffee.

Or at the night when i am too tired to play PVP, but not tired enough to sleep.

You mean this? xd

Secret french retreat tech.

I’ve seen in a (Malazi or Voyager) video where an M19 (or some other open top AA) ate a long 88 with the exposed turret ring.

There is no bias.
I have already explained why ammo sometimes blacks out without exploding, and i have provided plenty of examples of it happening to other tech trees’ other tanks.
And those also eat up shrapnel/shells.

I have seen the AMX-40’s ammo in the hull turn dark red after a 3BM46 passed through it (like through the middle of it), went through the gunner’s knee, and the commander’s heel, while none of them took any damage, while the single shrapnel that flew bellow them penetrated the 8mm firewall and destroyed the engine…

And i was playing a soviet MBT, a T-80 to be precise. So this is a 100% definate proof of french bias!
Ooooooooooor, it is just yet another bug/glitch in the game among the uncountable bugs/glitches that happen every day.

Which one is more likely?

If there were russian/soviet bias in this game, then it would ONLY affect soviet/russian tanks, yet every example you guys came up with happens to literally every other nation.

Another common thing you guys bring up is the “magic fuel tank” on the soviet tanks, like on the T-34/44/54/55/62/64/72/80/90, KV-1, etc.

The thing is, soviets used fuel tanks as armor very often, so many of their tanks will have it in the fighting compartment, while most other nations used fuel in the back.

There are other non-soviet tanks that have fuel in the front, and guess what!
They have the exact same effect as the soviet ones. Type 90/10, Leclerc have “magic fuel tanks” too.

Of course you guys completly ignore the fact when a single shrapnel magically blows up a diesel fuel tank, and destroying the whole vehicle, when it would take minor damage, and could continue the fight.

In this game any ammunition has roughly 23% chance to not to detonate as was tested in this video https://youtu.be/-0pQc_EllrY?si=bQyyEr8WLkJgQo3e&t=113 (link with timecode)

I also made in proposal section of the forum a suggestion to make 100% chance of ammo detonation and it was passed to developers.


They won’t do it… but that would make a certain faction’s mains go ballistic. (har har I’m so funny.) It would be kinda funny to watch the forum meltdown.

Namely the one where the Ammo charge arrangement makes up 80% of the front profile and 40% of the side profile…

I was told in the past ammo detonation had 100% chance but was change due to you guessed who cried.

In my opinion ammo should detonate every time it’s blacked out, I hate having RNG in such an important mechanic.
That being said, if they implement that I’m sure vehicles you described here will move down in BR a bit, since now almost every penetration would result in a complete destruction.


in 9 from 10 cases a penetration is a death sentence anyways…


I don’t know if this right place to talk about it but. From what I know t-64 and t-80 uses hydraulic in it autoloader so it mean there is possibility of fire if the autoloader get hit. Because hydraulic fluid can start leaking and it’s flammable fluid. Now I would think t-80bvm still would have this problem too ? As I understand

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If it’s hydraulic, then yeh… but they don’t model hydraulic fires.
They also don’t model autoloaders, they are just considered part of the breach.

A “Perk” for the primarily autoloading MBTs if you will…