T-72B2 Rogatka

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Prior to the introduction of the T-72B3, there were multiple proposals for Russia’s T-72 modernization program, and one of the more impressive proposals which was shown off in the 2006 Russian Arms Expo, and was known as the T-72B2 Rogatka (English translation: Slingshot). However despite the promising features the B2 brought to the table, it was ultimately deemed too expensive to be put into serial production, and the cheaper B3 variant was chosen instead.

The T-72B2 shares much of its FCS with the B3, with it having the same optics, thermals, and firepower, (and its believed the T-72B3s FCS is derived from the T-72B2), however it differs slightly in that it has Laser Warning Receivers, along with a muzzle reference sensor, unlike T-72B3, or even T-80BVM. The T-72B2 is protected by Relikt ERA which covers the upper front plate, and front of the turret, with rubber flaps covering the ERA on the turret in a similar fashion to the T-80U. Unfortunately this tank does lack the Relikt side skirts seen on the T-72B3, T-80BVM, and T-90M, instead it has three Kontakt-5 panels on each side, with the remainder of the side, and rear armor protected by Slat. The tank was demonstrated with Nakidka RAM camouflage which covered most of the tank, its purpose is to reduce the tanks thermal, infra-red, and radar signature. To compensate for the added weight, the T-72B2 received a V-92S2 1,000 hp engine, which is considerably better than the 840 hp engine found on the T-72B3, unfortunately it still retains the original manual transmission, so its reverse speed would still be poor.

Why it should be added:
Though the T-72B2 isn’t as good overall when compared to T-90M, and T-80BVM, it would serve as a better backup option for top tier than the T-72B3, and possibly even T-80U, due to having laser warning receivers frontal protection comparable to the T-80BVM. The best placement for this vehicle within the tech tree would to folder it with the T-72B3.


  • Crew: 3 (Driver, Gunner, Commander)
  • Armaments: 1x 2A46M-5 125mm smoothbore gun, 1x 7.62mm PKT coax, 1x 12.7mm NSV roof mounted mg.
  • Protection: Composite armor (same as T-72B3), Relikt ERA, Kontakt-5 ERA, Slat, Laser Warning Receivers, Smoke Launchers, ESS.
  • Mass: Between 46-50 tons
  • Engine: V-92S2 1,000 hp
  • Transmission: Manual, 7 forward gears, 1 reverse
  • Other Electronics: Laser Range Finders, 2nd generation gunner thermals.

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I’ve always wanted to have this, I hope we see it one day.

Rank 7 premium pack for Russia? 🤔

more like tank between t90m and t72b3 or folder to t72b3

Remember. Gaijin is giving 11.3 premiums to every nation so idk what else Russia could use exactly at 11.3


a C&P T80U :D


If they do, id rather them add something like the Belarusian T-72BM2 as the rank 7 premium, and have this be basically the tech tree version


I really don’t see the point.

Superior to the T-72B3, could go above that but I’m not so sure if its better than the T-90M.

+1 (11.7)

should be worse would add it as a folder to t72b3

I would trade less side protection for a LWS anytime of the week and Relict on the UFP is a pretty sizeable difference.


No. The B3 is the budget version of the B2. B2 is better.


Depends on which you prefer. The B2 does not have the fast response time the B3 does. I find the slow turret rotation rate to be a major problem with Soviet tanks.

B2 equip with better FCS/Hydraulic control then B3, the drawback of it is the 1000HP engines, the ERA placement also better on the UFP, the side share the same config. Driving should be like T-90A but gun handling is much better.


Do you a source for the Hydraulic claim? I do not see any anywhere.

That’s a no from me.
Russian top tier is already over-performing, and honestly the last thing they need is equipment they never had the industrial capacity to even produce.
I’m not generally against experimental equipment, but when a country clearly lacks the capability to put it into serial production, and not just something viable that was shelved, then that’s just not WT-material IMO. Especially for the USSR which needs top tier nerfs.

It’s derived the same FCS from T-90A, stabilizer is 2E42-4 and sight/aiming system of 72B3.

My favorite T-72 and one of the rarest and unique variant, i would like to see and play it in future, but from my point of view this variant should be or a premium (ik that russia as already a lot of them, and i would have preferred to see t80ud in tech tree and rogatka as premium) or as an event vehicle both at 11.7, that’s because it’s not mass produced as the b3 and it’s a prototipe

but definetly a +1 for me


Id say something like 25% of tanks in the game are prototypes. And there is also a certain percentage of those tanks that had been rejected due to lack of ability to produce, or lo× production numbers.

Gaijin couldnt care less about the history of a vehicle as long as it existed. Hell, occationally they will add tanks that only made it to the mockup stage, or even just fake tanks in general. Tho those are rare.

So I think at this point saying a vehicle shouldnt be added to the game due to it not being accepted into service or becauas the nation lacked the ability to produce them isnt really a valid reason for WT.

I gave my reason why I voted against. I’m fully aware that Gaijin has its own policies that are very distant from what the average player would find agreeable.