T-72 SIM-1: Georgia’s Answer

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T-72 SIM-1: Georgia’s Answer


Front view of the T-72 SIM-1 main battle tank.

  • Description:
    • The T-72 SIM-1 is an upgraded T-72M, T-72M1, and T-72A that was designed for the Defense Forces of Georgia. Between 2005 and 2007, the Georgian Defense Ministry sought to reach out to the Ukraine and the Czech Republic for excess T-72’s. This resulted in Georgia purchasing 65 T-72 MBT’s from the Czech Republic, and 108 from the Ukraine. In 2013, another purchase of 12 was made from the Czech Republic. Since 2006, with the assistance of Israel’s Elbit Systems, several upgrades were performed which included:
      • SKO-1T DRAWA-T Fire Control System
      • Laser Rangefinder
      • Gunner’s Thermal Imager
      • Harris FALCON Radio(s)
      • Global Positioning System (GPS)
      • Short Message System (SMS)
      • Identify Friend-or-Foe System
    • During the Russo-Georgian War of 2008, also known as the August War, or South Ossetia War, 121 T-72 SIM-1’s were deployed against Russian Forces with mixed results. Tank operations were conducted heavily during the Battle of Tskhinvali. 30 T-72 SIM-1’s were lost throughout the war. After the war, Georgia purchased Ukraine’s KOMBAT GL-ATGM which can be used to engage both ground vehicles and low flying helicopters. It is unknown if Georgia procured the Elbit System’s 125mm MK-1 APFSDS-T round, otherwise it is expected that Georgian T-72’s still utilize Soviet ammunition from around the 1980’s. However, the electronic and armor upgrades bring the T-72 SIM-1 to standard, allowing it to semi-compete with other 3rd-generation main battle tanks.
  • Armament:
    • 2A46M 125mm Smoothbore Gun
      • Rounds:
        • 3BM42 APFSDS-T
        • 3BK18M HEAT-FS
        • 3OF26 HE-FRAG
        • Kombat ATGM
          • Warhead: Tandem
          • Penetration: 750mm of RHA behind ERA
          • Mass: 30.4kg
          • Guidance: Laser-beam Riding
          • Range: 5,000m
          • Speed: ~300m/s
    • 7.62mm PKT Coaxial Machine Gun
    • 12.7mm NSVT Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun
  • Mobility:
    • Engine:
      • 780hp Supercharged V-12 Diesel Engine
    • Transmission:
      • Synchromesh, Hydraulically Assisted (7-Forward, 1-Reverse)
    • Mass:
      • 41-45tons
    • Suspension:
      • Torsion Bar
  • Crew(3x):
    • Commander
    • Gunner
    • Driver
  • Features:
    • Kontact-1 Explosive Reactive Armor
    • Polish SKO-1T DRAWA-T Fire Control System
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • Gunner Thermal Imager
    • Night Vision Device:
      • Driver
      • Commander
    • 81mm Smoke Grenades
    • ESS
  • In-game:
    • This vehicle features several upgrades that can differentiate itself from other T-72 variants in-game. With origins from the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and upgrades from Israel, the T-72 SIM-1 would make a solid addition as a premium/squadron vehicle for the Israeli Ground Force Tech Tree, or any future Polish, Ukrainian, or Czech Republic/Czechoslovakia Ground Force Tech Tree. Out of all the nations, the best recommendation would be a Polish Squadron/Premium vehicle since it uses Polish Fire Control components from the PT-91 Twardy. Due to its capabilities, it would most likely be placed around BR 9.7, based on its armor, optics, maneuverability, and ammunition load-out.
  • Additional Notes:
    • If any information is incorrect, please post in comments the correct information and source so corrections can be made.
  • Imagers/Videos:


T-72 SIM-1’s maneuvering during exercises.


A Georgian T-72 SIM-1 and an American M1 Abrams conducting joint maneuvers.


T-72 SIM-1 during the Russo-Georgian War, 2008.



+1, as a monthly event reward for the USSR.

I like it’s brick looking ERA its funny. Brick T-72

So, the only real (as in actually impactful in terms of gameplay) difference between normal 72s and this one are, basically, just Laser rangefinder and Gunner’s thermals. Is that correct? Because it just smells like TURMS-T just Georgian

In terms of game play, pretty much, plus a GL-ATGM.