T-72 Moderna sight system seems to be wrong

Hi guys,

I have the T-72 Moderna and I’m very disappointed with the sight system. The gunners sight is so low that often the grass gets in the way. The ability to just peek a bit over a hill to fire is non-existent. You pretty much have to go right on top of the hill to be able to see over it because it seems that the gunners sight is in the position of the drivers sight.

In the picture below, I’d have thought that the drivers sight is number 1, and the gunners sight is number 2. Please correct me if I am wrong. I know little about these things.
To me it seems as though while in-game, I am looking through sight number 1 while aiming the gun. It’s too low for it to seem correct. Surely number 1 can’t be the gunners sight?

I’ve checked this in-game, by driving up to a small bush that just comes up to the line of sight for the gunner, then checked the outside view and it is indeed right in front of sight number 1.

If the gunners optics were sight number 2 this tank would be so much better. My ability to survive is greatly reduced with the way it currently is.

2 is the commander’s sight. Gunner’s sights are mounted on the left side of the turret, barely visible in your image

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First of all, gunner sight is here.
Second of all, game by default uses view from the barrel, you can change it.


Others have already told you about the sight so I’ll just give you a recommendation on something else

I recommend turning, “grass in tank sight” off. It can be seen in @DevilO6 screenshot

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Thank you for your replies.

So how does one look through the commanders sight? Is that technically the binoculars view?

So it seems that the gunners sight is also on top of the turret which could give a better view, and I assume that if I switch “Camera from tank gunner sight” I will be able to look through that sight as opposed to through the barrel. That’s great!

Thank you @DevilO6 & @BillyBobDa3rd for your replies. That will help a lot. I’ll change those settings when I jump on soon.

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Just remember that the shell will be firing slight lower and left of where your aiming.

It still has an aiming reticle of sorts though… I play on Ground RB.

Anyways. I got it now and things are much better, so thank you all.