T-6D Geonguk-Gi: People's Aspirations

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T-6D Geonguk-Gi



T-6D Geonguk-Gi (Geon-Guk-Gi) is Korea’s first all-metal aircraft purchased by Korea from Canada in 1950. They fought hard to stop the North Korean army advancing south in the early days of the Korean War, and produced many pilots after the war.



Shortly after ROKAF was established in 1949, ROKAF had only liaison aircraft such as the L-4 and L-5. They could Never stop the KPAAF in case of emergency. Therefore, Korea wanted to receive fighters from the United States, but the United States refused to provide aircraft assistance to Korea and prevented Korea from buying aircraft from the United States. In fact, the US had enough reasons to ban the donation/sale of aircraft to South Korea. This was because South Korea and North Korea were continuously engaged in small-scale battles on the frontlines at the time, and the United States thought that South Korea might invade North Korea due to the South Korean government’s strong anti-communist policy.

After the US ban on aircraft sales, the 「Aircraft Dedication Campaign」 begins. The campaign raised 350 million won, far exceeding the original goal of 200 million won, and purchased 10 T-6Ds and 20 M2 Brownings, 5,000 rounds of ammunition, and a year’s supply of fuel and parts from Canada. These planes were named ‘People’s Contribution Oblation Planes(국민성금헌납기)’, which means aircraft purchased by collecting donations from the people. These aircraft were officially called ‘Geonguk-Gi(Founder Aircraft)’ and were given different names from №1 to №10. (Gyotong, Chesin, Gookmin.etc)

When the Korean War broke out, T-6Ds bombed North Korean forces to defend Seoul. Originally, the T-6D had no armed capabilities other than a machine gun, but some aircraft were equipped with pylons that could mount 15kg air bombs of the old Japanese Army Type 92 produced by the Yeongdeungpo Army Arsenal. At that time, the stock of 15 kg bombs was 274 rounds, and they were all used up in one day on June 25th. Later, as the United States aided F-51 Mustangs to South Korea, the T-6D was gradually excluded from combat missions, and was responsible for leaflet distribution, aerial reconnaissance, and pilot training.

In addition to the T-6D, ROKAF operated the T-6F and T-6G, all of which were retired in 1960.

Technical Data




Length: 8.8m
Height: 4.0m
Wing Span: 12.8m
MTOW: 2,404kg
Engine: Pratt & Whitney R-1340 (550hp)
Max Speed: 340km/h
Crew: 2


2 × 12.7mm M2 Browning
10 × 15kg Type 92 Bomb



Geonguk №1 ‘Gyotong’


Geonguk №2 ‘Jeonnam-Hakdo’


Geonguk №3 ‘Jeonbuk-Hakdo’


Geonguk №4 ‘Jeonmae’


Geonguk №5 ‘Chungnam’


Geonguk №6 ‘Chesin’


Geonguk №7 ‘Gookmin’


Geonguk №8 ‘Nongmin’


Geonguk №9 ‘Jeonnam’


Geonguk №10 ‘Gyeongbuk’




메인 | 국방일보
국가등록문화유산 국민성금 헌납기(T-6 건국기) (國民誠金 獻納機(T-6 建國機)) : 국가유산포털 - 문화재청
『North American’s T-6: A Definitive History of the World’s Most Famous Trainer』- Dan Hagedorn
『The Korean People’s air force in the Fatherland Liberation War: Part I』- Duglas C. Dildy


+1 for Japan maybe as a premium or event as it uses Japanese bombs.

This should be released on United Korean TT. It would be foolish to add American aircraft used in Korea to the Japanese TT just because they used copies of Japanese bombs.

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I think a united korea TT is a bad idea because it would just be a repeat of china with almost fully copy paste air and even less low tier ground. There are already vehicles with even less correlation than this
Israel getting an American plane flown by French pilots.
China getting an American plane with American pilots.
Britain getting a Polish tank built by Americans with a British gun.
Britain getting a Canadian tank with a Canadian missile on a US chassis.
Britain getting a Canadian tank built on a US chassis with a British gun
US getting a Canadian tank with a British gun.
Germany getting an Argentinian tank made by Austrians with a French gun and turret.
France getting a Finnish vehicle with French missiles.
China getting a Vietnamese SPAA with Russian guns and a Russian chassis.
Britain getting an Indian tank built by Russians
Sweden getting a Russian tank built by Russians
Sweden getting a Russian helicopter built by Russians
Most of the Hungarian and Finnish subtrees.
There are dozen other T-6 variants that the US could get besides this too.

That doesn’t mean the Korean T-6D should be added to the Japanese TT. It would be best to make South Korean and North Korean aircraft of ranks 1 to 3 American and Soviet event aircraft, respectively, and rank 4 and above to be United Korean tt.

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I mean you can have your opinion on it, but the fact is that vehicles have been added to other TT for less reasoning.

Personally I already thought that modeling a UKTT off of the 2nd least popular TT (China) was already a bad idea. Modeling it off of the least popular TT by a large margin (Israel) is even worse. Combining the worst parts of both TT (East/West in one TT which is universally hated in any TT and terrible progression with lots of filler to create a similar amount of content as full TT) is WCS.

So what you want is Korean vehicles added to Japanese?

The majority of the examples you used are either modified exported or licensed produced vehicles while what you describe is captured ordinance which imo is a bad excuse to get stuff.

By this logic Italy could get Australia because the Ausie used an captured Italian vehicle, this cycle can continue on what all nations in-game.

“Almost full copy n paste” sure an substantial amount of aircraft in the air tree isn’t unique or uniquely modified but saying that it’s almost full copy n paste is incorrect especially when we talk about an Israeli style tree.

The United Korean Tree :
Air - 45-60% unique or uniquely modified
Ground - 70-75% unique or uniquely modified

Beside that if Western and Eastern weapons in 1 Tree is something many dislike why are so many for an Polish, Yugoslavian or Turkish Tree?


Well it obvious, some players want South Korea in the Japanese Tree without any proper reasoning beside filling the Tree. However there are other logical alternative options but some are just to stubborn.