T-64 engine sounds

I am absolutely positive that I’m not the only one who finds the current in-game T-64 engine sound to be unrealistic and annoying. Sure, it is a two stroke engine, but it doesn’t sound like a chainsaw in real life. Here are a few video examples featuring the actual sound of the T-64’s 5TDF engine in real life:
https://youtu.be/r9qUv-QAxuY?feature=shared on 0:24
on 0:40

I think it would be a lot better if the T-64’s in-game engine sound was made more realistic.


yup, better

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Someone who doesn’t play the game say it sounds like vacuum cleaner.

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it used to be much better but for some reason they made it share it’s engine sound with the Sprut-SD

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Definitely needs a new engine sound, yeah. I don’t mind the engine sound as it is, but it can definitely use more improvement.

the t64 sound ingame is trash. it sounds like it’s dying