T-55 am-1 vs t-55M

Why is the T-55 am-1 at the same br as the t-55M. All I can see is that the t-55 am-1 is better. It has composite screens rockets that the t-55M has not got but because its a russian premium it has bias.

The T-55M gets the M-1000A1 APFSDS round instead of the 3BM25 round that the rest of the T-55’s in game get.


Better question is asking why the T-62 is at the same BR as the T-55AM-1.


true, t62 is straight up worse


Could you compare the 60 degree angle pen of M-1000A1 to the 60 degree angle pen of 3BM25?
Also the ATGM on the T-55AM-1 is very useful.

M1000A1 is a considerably better round. I personally dont think that the T-55AM-1 should be 8.7, i think it should have moved up a long time ago, but this round is why the T-55M is 8.7, as opposed to 8.3


Yeah, it looks like it has similar angle pen to 105mm DM23 (even slightly better at 60 degrees!).
Although, the extra armour and the ability to use the ATGM with the T-55AM-1 is very good.

Then it will be the same br as T-62M1, the 3BM28 is light years ahead compared to the 3BM25, then if you moved the T-62M1 up it won’t make much sense as T-64A is there with a full composite turret and autoloader lol

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I get that but I dont think that justifies it. The am-1 should be like 9.0

Yes, and imo these are fairly comprable vehicles. The T-62M-1 has a stronger round and a better armour layout overall, but the T-55AM-1 has better mobility, a better reload, access to an APHE round that is quite useful in a lot of scenarios. Overall they both suffer from all the classic issues with soviet tanks, poor reverse, poor gun handling, poor depression, but the T-55AM-1 is more flexable because of its mobility and works better as a brawler, whereas the T-62M-1 has to be played a bit slower and more carefully because of the reload and mobility.

The short rod penetrator of the T-55AM-1 is one of the worst out there.
Personally, I would rather take the T-55M.

Although, ideally - I would take the T-69IIG, except that got moved to 9.0 where it’s useless.


T-55M has a vastly superior round.
AM-1 has barely extra armor for kinetic rounds, and a better engine but the worst 8.7 round in the game.

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I would take BR-412D + few 3BK17M rather than 3BM25 on AMD-1 because, in both, the Sabot does no damage at all. About the T-55M I can’t say much since I never played that.

I only used 3BM25 on the AM, and the damage wasn’t that bad - it’s mostly just the plenty of weird non-pens that can happen. Especially in uptiers.

Question is though, is there anything actually at 8.3-8.7 that can resist either round to begin with?

Even with a full uptier to 9.7 there is not much around these areas that has effective armor against darts.

Only tank I can think of is the T-64s.

Well, no.
For example - 3BM25 firing at a Magach 6A (AN 8.0 TANK) cannot penetrate its LFP at all at any range.

Give it some range and a bit of angle, and the UFP is also a non-pen/at least most spall reduced.

And the turret cheeks/breech are also mostly a non-pen.

You can try these same shots with M1001A1 and see what happens.


Can still penetrate a majority of the tank frontally, neither round is effectively resisted by the M60A1 armor scheme. The LFP can stop 25 at higher angles but is still let through at lower angles.

Compare this to the T-64B which can resist both rounds effectively, being one of the few vehicles in the bracket that can.

And the T-64A is 9.3 while the 6A is 8.0??

Also, the roof area is basically a non-pen for 3BM25 anywhere where the mantlet overlaps.

AKA this whole area EDIT: * IN THE RED RECTANGLE * (and that little pocket to the side is also a non-pen):

The UFP is also, as I said - somewhere near the limits of the penetration arc.
Which means that regardless of anything - spalling will be significantly reduced if it penetrates.
And at slightly longer ranges with minor angle differences - it has a high chance to not pen at all.

Not to mention that the M60 is realistically more survivable - the T-64A will die in one shot to the LFP basically every time, and the LFP is weak. I’m not saying that the T-64A’s armor is bad or that the tank is bad. I’m saying that one tank is 8.0 (eight point oh) and the other is 9.3 (nine point three).

Stopping rounds in a small select section does not equate to a majority of the tank resisting the round.

And yet gains the ability to penetrate other parts of the vehicle, including the originally impervious cheeks, it still remains a majority of the vehicle cannot resist the round.

The M60A1 will die in one shot to the turret ring basically every time, and the turret ring is weak.

No the M60 series is not at all more survivable as is the case with the M1 series compared to the existing T-80s, this is continued cope that is spread around without any actual basis.

That is the T-64B not the A, and yes, you have to go to 9.7 before a tank appears that can reliably resist 3BM25, I have already stated this, if you somehow think somehow this

Is somehow equivalent to this

You need to re-think your time in WT.

115mm and better turret armor