T-34-85M (1944 [45?] ) added at 6.3?

The way the SU-85M, the SU-122p, SU-100, etc. has the upgraded 75mm of armor plating on its hull, there were quite a few T 34 85s with the same upgrade. I think this idea would be a good filler in the current 6.3 lineup.

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Very unlikely. They already put a much heavier turret on the T-34. I doubt they would have added more weight to the front.

Adding weight strains components and reduces reliability.

I feel like these T-34s with 75mm front armor are just rumors, or we would already have one in the game.

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Not rumours but prototypes, and there were just two of them afaik (they weighed about the same as production tanks because their armour was thinner at other spots)

I see 🤔

Would love to see this! +1



Armor from non front parts were reduced for this, like roof, top of engine etc

The T-34 was made to be unreliable but easy to fix the Russians where not trying to make a tank that would last for ever so the broke down quite often but the parts where so easy to produce it was not problem so I would not put it past the Russians to have added more armor.