T-34/85 (Zis-S-53) - C̶h̶e̶e̶s̶e̶ T-34 for everyone!

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Reupload from an old forum suggestion by (me)

We all known and love ( or hate if you’re on the opposing team) the angled brick that is the T-34. And now you’re wondering FRANCE ? A T-34 ? Yes, the story behind this T-34 is quite simple. This 1944 (a
ccording to its turret) T-34-85 probably saw some fighting in WW2 but ended being delivered to Palestine. From Palestine they got into French hands as French troops were trying to limit civilian casualities of the Lebanese Civil War with the Epaulard 1 mission part of the 1982-1983 Multinational Force in Lebanon (Beirut) (UN mandate). This specific tank was taken over by the 3rd RPIMA (Marine infantry). You can still see markings from the previous owners. These pictures were taken on 26.09.1983, before the 23.10 French and US Barracks bombings.

The turret seems to be a 1944 Angle-Joint from Zavod 174.



The mantlet means it is a Zis-S-53 type as the rivet are not on the nose part of the mantlet and you have grooves on the mantlet



Without modifications, we actually already have this model ingame (well the headlight is different)



Up that’s your average WT T34-85


Performance wise the T-34-85 is already ingame so Quick recap


Hull 45 / 45 / 45

Turret 90 / 75 / 52

Crew 5 people (1 commander, 1 gunner, 2 loaders and 1 driver)


Speed : +55 / -9 km/h

Transmission : 5 forward /1 back

Weight : 32.2 T

Engine : 500 hp

HP/T : 15.5


Zis-S-53 with BR-365 K / A / P APCBC round and O 365 HE round (60 rounds total)

Sources :


Photo collection from ECPAD (French army photo archive) website

Identification help from On the ways model and Missing Lynx

Performance : T-34-85 - War Thunder Wiki


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+1 Yes. Every nation should get a T-34. The virus must spread.

You might wanna change the title of your post to (ZiS-S-35), as the ZiS-5 is a completely separate 76mm gun used on the KV-1. Otherwise +1





Well here I go correcting people and my dyslexia screws me up! Forgive me, I must sound like a jerk.


Would be okay but as premium or something, it doesnt fit in the TT imo


haha, no problem. I also got things messed up before.


Isn’t that not Italian markings on the side?


Thats the Italian flag though.

It is not. It’s the French flag.


must be the photos then cause it looks green.

I still see blue, but i understand it can be confusing, i would add on the photo it say “images défense” in french :P.

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While I am always happy to see France getting more suggestions, I’m not a fan of adding copy paste to it.
France’s 5.7 lineup isn’t the best, but I don’t think adding a tank that doesn’t even fit with France’s western character would be so fun either.
Yes, I’m aware of the French Yak-3, but my point stands.


I mean “war trophies” are cool . The Japanese and German planes in the US TT are pretty popular, this probably would be too

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It’s fair and the French tree would have the right to this vehicle, but I just don’t like the idea of it.

It likely would sell relatively well, but there really isn’t much we can say on that until it happens.

I dont like this idea but by all means it would be a good meme vehicle to add, France 5.7-6.0 isnt looking too bad too, a T-34 can help that further.

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