T-34 1942 armor bugged?

Soooo the T-34 1942 has its cheeks bugged now… I was bagging my head against one opponent using it and after 7 shots of 75mm M61 from a M24 to the cheeks nothing was happening. After going to the armor analysis there it is…

Now I don’t understand… I do believe a while back the M61 shells was supposed to pen it but now it doesn’t. When you shoot the round in the analysis (even though it only says around 51mm of armor) it seems to stop on a second plate. In my understanding the analysis also counts the spaced/layered armor but I guess not here… And that’s why I think it might be a bug,

I’ve played for quite a few years and I just don’t remember ever having issues with M61 on the cheek of this tank.

Let me know what you guys think.

But that has been the case for years…

Well yes but that is a weak spot for t-34 and it has been for years. Funny enough (for people that don’t know) that is a weak stop for all t-34. A sphere always has a spot where its flat towards you… thats just how rounded objects work (also the cheeks are not fully rounded and u can clearly see it). I appreciate the comment but that doesn’t answer the question if that first layers is spaced armor or the “second” layer is a bug.

Well if it has then I just don’t remember. Is it spaced armor?