T-25 motor torpedo boat

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After WWII China received a multitude of Japanese arms, equipment, vehicles, and vessels from former Japanese held territories scattered throughout China. Many of these were ships and boats of all types and after reception were incorporated into the Republic of China Navy (ROCN). In Taiwan 7 Japanese Torpedo boats were captured. Six (3 T-14’s and 3 T-25’s) were stationed in Kaohsiung and the other (a T-14 type) in northern Taiwan where it was being repaired. In this post I’ll be focusing on the T-25’s.

The three T-25’s numbers 530, 531, and 532 were part of a larger order of six T-25’s to be delivered to the 26th brigade stationed in Takao (Kaohsiung). However three were sunk during transportation and only three made it to Taiwan. Not much is known of their service with the IJN or the ROCN except they participated in cleaning up the harbor and surrounding sea after the war. In ROCN service the T-25’s were renamed Anping (530), Anning (531), Ankang (532) and assigned to the 3rd gunboat squadron. In 1947-8 all 6 of them were in the naval roster. By 1948-9 however only two remained: Anze (T-14) and Ankang (T-25) with Ankang being stricken off the list.


Crew: 7

LOA (length overall): 18.000m

Beam: 4.300m

Depth: 2.000m

Draft: 0.650m

Displacement: 25.440 tons

Engine: 1 x type 71 model 6 internal combustion engine

S.H.P (shaft horsepower): 920

Speed: 26 knots high speed, 20 knots cruise speed


2 x 25mm type 96 cannons

2 x 45cm torpedos

In Game

In game the T-25 would be a great low tier vessel for a possible Chinese coastal tree. With its 2 x 25mm guns, 2 x 45cm torpedoes, and moderately high speed it would make quick work of other small craft and capable of harassing larger vessels.


Japan Administrative Division, 2nd Demobilization Bureau (April 25, 1947) “Japanese Naval Vessels at the End of War”
This is official document about Japanese warships to report to USA. (2nd Demobilization Bureau is former Ministry of Navy)
This document published at this website 桜と錨の海軍砲術学校−史料展示室『終戦時の日本海軍艦艇』(第2復員局 昭和22年4月)