T.16000m fcs

hi guys, I tried to configure my THRUSTMUSTER T.16000M FCS, but when I select it from the list of presets, and it automatically gives me the axes, I notice that the flight plans are totally wrong, and do not respond to the directional inputs that I give him. Could anyone tell me how to correctly configure my controller?

as you can see from the photo, it gives me the axis completely shifted to the right, and it does the exact same thing for the roll, so the plane is ungovernable and does not respond to commands

Turn ON Autodetect Axis and move your stick full left and right.
Same for the pitch axis but UP and DOWN. You may turn Invert Axis on Yes if the plane responds opposite on your movements.

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Is it accidentally detecting something like the the Throttle? and not the joystick? If not, try seeing if there is a way to recalibrate your joystick

the throttle and yaw axis are correct and it detects them, but it does not detect the pitch and roll, which are fixed completely moved to the right in the axis detections, and in play even if I move the controls, the planes do not move flight. I also tried downloading the updated drivers and downloading the file with the configuration for war thunder from the Thrustmaster website, but nothing, it doesn’t work.

Tried cycling through the axis drop down on the right and seeing if any of those react to X or Y axis on the sitck?

I tried every option, from reconfiguring the keys to loading presets, everything, the x and y axis is as if it doesn’t read them, and they go of their own accord completely to the right for roll, and up for pitch

Hmm… Just to cover the basics, No other controller plugged in such as an Xbox controller?

Also try unplugging it and plugging it into a different USB port, ideally a USB 3.0 more commonly found on the back of the pC

I had to disconnect the xbox joystick to put the stick on, so I’m sure it didn’t have conflicts, but it was on a front port, today I’ll try on a rear one but I doubt that’s the problem. the thing that saddens me is that I haven’t found similar problems on the internet. I also wrote to a YouTuber who plays sim with the same stick as me but I doubt he will reply

I play SB with a HOTAS (different HOTAS so will wing it), so I’ll run you through all my troubleshooting steps I’d take for this.

Typically Joystick can be power hogs. so sometimes can exhibit glitchy behaviour when they dont get enough power, front ports tend to be USB 2.0. So can sometimes be a little low on power (I know my HOTAS didnt like it at least)

So i’d try:

  • Moving to rear port (ideally USB 3.0 if you have one)
  • Try restarting PC with it in the new port
  • If there is a config software, make sure its not set up wierdly
  • delete the drivers, restart the PC and redownload the drivers

In the end I discovered what the problem is, unfortunately the internal mechanism that identifies the x and y axis broke, and therefore it has to be thrown away

Ah damn, thats a shame. no chance of taking it apart and fixing it then? Sometimes a generous squirt of silicon lubricant can get them working again, or is it dead dead?

yes, as soon as you connect it, I saw that the sensor is positioned diagonally in the x and y axis, and even if you move the stick, it remains broken. calculate that he remained in a box for 3 years, so nothing impossible. it doesn’t matter, I will take the opportunity to buy the hotas so I will also play DCS

Ah, good excuse to upgrade then :P. Happy shopping

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I will recommend a VKB Gladiator NXT if you are looking at buying a new stick. Pairs great with the TWCS throttle and rudder pedals

That stick does look good. I’ve got a X-56 and its okay, but i’ve barely had it a year and a half and already having issues with wear and tear (though was second hand) Id love to go to a Virpil set up… but no way I can afford that anytime soon

Honestly having used the Gladiator as long as I have, the only reason in my mind to buy a Virpil or even VKB Gunfighter is if you want to have an extension for a longer stick throw. I have the Gladiator center mounted and it feels just as nice as the Gunfighter and warbird I’ve trialed. Don’t let the whole metal to plastic thing trick you into thinking something is more quality. Even on the real jets the sticks are just resin. And the Gladiator NXT feels near identical to the F-15s stick from personal experience

Yeah, I went for X-56 because i wanted a dual throttle. but I have been thinking about changing, my throttle is slowly dying.

VKBs new STECS is pretty swish. Though a bit pricey right now. The issue with the X56 is it’s just the x52 with more buttons. The design is nearly 2 decades old now. It’s not bad by any means, but it’s overpriced for what it is

Yeah, which is why I got a second hand one. the VKB STECS does look like a good option for a new dual-throttle throttle. The Virpil ones are twice the price and not many options for dual throttles out there. I use it a lot for wing sweep or thrust vector. Makes VIFFing in SB really easy.

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So the only thing I didn’t like on it is the pinky scroll wheel is an encoder and not an axis. It’s not a big deal, but it is a change from the TWCS I had been using. It can still be used for VTOL control but in increments instead of reaching a stop. They did put a scroll axis in a good spot for the thumb though