System freezes while playing

I’ve been getting this error/warning after the Alpha Strike major update

And after playing for 5 minutes or so the whole system freezes and I have to force shut down it by pressing and holding the power button.
It only happens when I’m playing the game, I’ve reinstalled the game, run SFC scan, updated gpu drivers and it’s still not fixed.
What should I do?

If you can just use the windows tool to rollback your latest windows update just in case it messed something up, you could do that

I couldn’t find the tool that you mentioned but it seemed that my windows had an update so I did that and it solved the problem, however when I tried it today starting a match leads to a full crash and blue screen.
I think I need a better PC

You should head over Community Bug Reporting System and file a ticket, make sure you pay attention to any responses to the ticket and make sure you try to provide all the files requested

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