System Doesn't Boost After Updates / PC

Hey everyone,

I have updated windows, nvidia gpu drivers and war thunder two days ago and now when I launch the game it looks like it fails to recognize it as a 3d application as it should.

At first, my system doesnt boost as if it was a desktop 2d app. I have to minimize the window and switch back and forth from the app to the desktop a few times until it eventually locks in boost properly.

I am wondering which one of the updates is the cause. (And praying for not being hardware related!)

Anyone else?

Edit : confirmed, latest nvidia gpu drivers are causing the issue. The problem is gone after rolling back the drivers.

I leave this here so in case anyone else is facing the issue, it might help.

Do you normally use the Game Ready drivers, or the Studio ones?

Game Ready ones can cause issues as they have less testing and are released quicker. The Studio ones are a couple of releases behind but have had more testing and should be more reliable.

Thank you for your advice, indeed I install the game ready drivers…

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I reinstalled the latest drivers, same issue, but this time I have tried a few tweaks. And it works perfectly fine if I activate vsync from NVCP but it does not if I activate vsync from the game… that’s odd.