Symbol names taking over NA server

Why is it that on the NA server half the players ingame are symbol names that i can not communicate with???
Give them there own server, i want players that i can actually communicate with and understand not these scribble scrabble symbol name players.
It is disgusting that all of my games are half full of symbols.

PSA: This is not at all racist, just common sense that they need there own servers!!!

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Yeah, don’t know why this post was flagged. Honestly, I don’t care who you are or were your from, they need to have a localized server system, for when people from the other side of the world join servers and bring them to a screeching halt with 400+ constant ping, having 50%+ packet loss, shots phasing, and server reaction times getting up to 1 second. It’s honestly rediculous. They need to implement a thing for all servers and player to, when bringing other peoples games down and having high ping, making that server almost unplayable should be forcibly sent back to the closest server for them. Also, half of them are probably just people using that “name” to get players attention and get them mad, not because they are actually from another nation, although sometimes they are, they will cause lag like no other.

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Things get sometimes funny if you use all chat and send out:

“China #1

and 30 seconds later:

“Taiwan #1

Try it when you have a very fast air spawn plane.
And check your six for enemies and friendlies…