Sworming and furrballs

I returned to props just because top tier is a hell hole, figured i wanna have… “fun”. I’ve noticed a lot of prop players like to swarm around in groups like mosquitos or wasps on one player. Two, furballs are worse than top tier furballs. Every time i go in for an easy kill, 5 seconds later of turn fighting or trying to reverse said kill, im in a furball, three. They always go into negative g maneuvers, and dive straight down into said furball. Low tier is more brain hurting than top tier, I have no clue on how i played low tier when i started lmfao. What do you guys think i should do?

I feel like early jets are the best for fun.

I’m still gonna get swarmed either by enemy or team lmao. Either my luck right now is bullshit, or i should take a break from this game for a while.

Uninstall and play a better game?