Sword of Justice: Jaguar IS

Today we’re going to be talking about the main reward for the next event called Sword of Justice: meet the Indian Jaguar IS fighter-bomber!

Jaguar IS: An Event Vehicle Strike Aircraft for Great Britain at Rank VII


  • Guided bombs.
  • All-aspect R550 Magic 2 air-to-air missiles.
  • Thermal targeting pod.
  • RWR and countermeasures.
  • Only 1 ADEN cannon.
  • No radar.
Vehicle History

The first order for the supply of fighter-bombers from the Jaguar family for the Indian Air Force was placed in 1981, while some of the ordered aircraft arrived assembled, and some were to be assembled in India from ready-made components and parts. Aircraft of the second batch, assembled at the facilities of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), were equipped with the DARIN sighting and navigation system. The Indian modification of the Jaguar was designated Jaguar IS, and was used during the Kagil War. Jaguar IS fighter-bombers have undergone several modernization programs and are still in service with the Indian Air Force.

Meet the Jaguar IS!

The Jaguar IS, the main reward for the Sword of Justice event, is not only capable of effectively supporting your team in ground battles from the air, but can also stand up well in air duels if required. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at this special Jaguar!

Despite the external similarity, the Indian Jaguar actually has many differences compared with the British Jaguar. Instead of the usual pair of 30 mm ADEN cannons, there’s only one available as the second has made way for the LITENING targeting pod, which features a thermal imager and gives the ability to drop Mk.13 guided bombs. In addition to this, the classic Sidewinder is replaced with the Matra Magic 2 all-aspect air-to-air missile which is installed on overwing pylons.

Download Wallpaper:

The targeting pod for guided bombs, plus the air-to-air missile rail will not take up space on any underwing hardpoints, meaning they can be completely filled with treats for ground vehicles! Thanks to this, the Jaguar IS is capable of taking up to 8 x 1000 lb bombs — regular or tail fin — and launch rails for smaller unguided rockets. To top it all off, a ballistic computer is at hand, which helps immensely to drop these bombs and fire rockets precisely at targets.

In terms of speed, the Jaguar IS is fitted with two Adour 811 engines which are licensed and built by Indian company HAL. Thanks to the addition of this new engine, the Jaguar IS has more thrust than the Jaguar GR.1A that’s found in the British tree, meaning its overall performance and top speed is better in general!

Interesting: Indian Jaguar IS jets were known as “Shamsher” (Sword of Justice) by the Indian Air Force!

Despite generally having a sufficient max speed for a strike aircraft, a great ADEN cannon and air-to-air missiles, it may be better to play the Jaguar IS in the role of a strike aircraft instead. This is due to its lightweight airframe, meaning any large payload carried will cause it to lose significant speed. Plus, just like British Jaguars, this one tends to quickly lose energy in a turn, where its climb rate is not as competitive as other jets. Although, aerial duels can still be done. It does have good defense against any potential in-coming missile attacks, thanks to a RWR and flares/chaff with 60 that can be launched, helping to make the Jaguar IS less susceptible to attacks from air-to-air missiles and anti-air SAMs.

With that, we’ve rounded up today’s event blog! As you can see, the Jaguar IS is still capable of surprising any enemy. You’ll be able to earn yourself this jet for your British lineups by taking part in the Sword of Justice event, which has just started. Good luck and have fun in your battles!

More details about the Sword of Justice event


IS it a jaguar though?

Why is there Irish / Ivory Coast flag on Indian jet

They all use the same colors for their flags. However that’s not a flag, it’s a fin flash.

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The classic 11.0 british lineup, that doesnt exist. I just have to wonder why this had to keep the magic 2’s and go to 11.0. The Jaguar airframe is poor, it suffers really badly from its energy retention. The GR.1A is already overbr’d in the british tree, and the french Jaguar E is simply better at the same BR as it. All you needed to do was take the magic 2’s and replace them with magic 1’s and put it at 10.3, and you have one really desirable event vehicle. But instead its going to be completely useless in ground because there are simply better options for the lineups that do exist, and completely useless in air because its flight performance is awful, and it will constantly see SARH carriers. Apparently you’ve learned nothing from the issues that the A-10, SU-25 and other similar vehicles with awful flight performance but extremely powerful air-to-air missiles have caused. I wonder how much use the A-7K gets, because this plane is going to get even less.


Well, as I see it it’s one of those types that may struggle in AB/RB, but may well excel in Sim, which is better suited for dedicated mud movers than the other game modes.

The BR of 11.0 however is - at least at the moment -a bit of a let-down, as this means it can be used in 11.3 rotations at best…

But like other attackers sharing the same fate, it should do ok there in Sim EC…

I find that it will be useful, as I have no CAS lineup. I would love to use the Harrier GR.7 or Tornado GR.1 but I do not own them. It isn’t going to be a bad vehicle by any stretch, 3 GBU and 2 great IR missiles with the best TGP.

Also the Jaguar has significantly better flight performance than the A-7/10 and Su-25.

All the A-7s are over tiered tbh. They all need AIM-9L. They have slightly more speed but worse manuverability than the A-10, similar A2G weapons, but not enough to be 11.0.

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Only the A-7K is 11.0, and only in AB/RB. In Sim, all Corsairs are 9.7 or 10.0.

I fly both the A-10 and the A-7D in Sim EC in the anti-tank roles, and yes, weapons-wise they’re similar (if we don’t consider the Sidewinders and the GAU-8/A…). I like the A-10 better, as it’s easier to fly and use, whereas the Corsair II is very easy to break if you are not careful enough.

All Corsair II’s are great in the bomber role, even if used at higher BR’s.

I think - again speaking mostly for Sim EC - the Shamsher will be a nice bomber/attacker, but nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary. = )

Yes I’m referring to RB, mainly GRB. For similar capabilities the A-7s are too high, for them to be equal I think they should all go down 0.3 and the D/E should get AIM-9L. 9J and 9G for vehicles less manuverable than an A-10 isn’t adequate defense.

What I’d also like to see is the possibility to select what version of Mavericks to carry, for those aircraft that have the option to chose IRL. So far I only use the early Warthog for daylight ops, and need to not change stores but the actual aircraft if weather or daylight dictates…

But at least for the A-10 I think it was officially stated that this will never be the case, sadly…


Is this at the same time as magic 2s?

Because you can’t do that currently with Aim9Gs on the Gr1A

Weight requirements despite the overwing missile rail? It might work on the IS as it has better engines.

Engines shouldn’t matter. It should all be about the wing strength. Yeah, it just doesn’t let you due to max weight


Some new mavericks would be nice too, I’d like to see AGM-65E on the A-7K and newer planes. Would have a standard bomb warhead rather than HEAT and would be laser guided, so you could change targets.

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Really just makes me wonder who’s bright idea it is to keep giving strike aircraft powerful a2a weapons that the vehicle then has to be balanced for. Why cant the strike aircraft just be strike aircraft and be balanced as such. Why do they always have to have to have weapons that either ruin the Br’s below or mean that the plane is high enough in br that it is useless.

Because otherwise it would be just GR.1A and even fewer people would care about it.

Need something to sell the new shiny toy.

No AS-30L’s?

Do you have any indication that India uses the 30L on their Jaguar’s?

So far I have found nothing, only that India uses the 30L on their M2000…

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I read it in a text, and then i saw a photo of a Jaguar M with dummies on… got a little cross-eyed