Swift F.7 does not have any 30mm cannons

In reality the aircraft does not have any cannons and just 2 Fireflash AAMs. My advise lower the RB and remove the 30mm cannons.

Source: (Thunder & Lightnings - Supermarine Swift - History)

Been discussed at length in the past on the old forums. Gaijin had photos that showed the aircraft retained the cannon bays and assert that the guns simply weren’t fitted, but could be

Likewise, various sources will also tell you the Mk.7 could carry four or even six Fireflash missiles. So it’s swings and roundabouts when it comes to realism and balance, whether Swift is overpowered by having the guns, or gimped by only having half the missiles it could fit.


I wouldn’t mind the Hunter with fireflashes.


Doesn’t matter, it’s a prototype not a production aircraft, so it gets the cannons.

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So, BR 7 then?