Swedish Rank 8 premium Options

Hello Guys, i made this post to discuss the available options that sweden has for a rank 8 premium for both Air and ground.

post your suggestions and Ideas and give your opinions respectfully and in a civilized manner and thanks.

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CV90120-T Ghost? Basically a CV90120-T with Adaptiv active camouflage.

But adding it as a premium would be such a shame tho.

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i don’t think such thing can be added as a rank 8 premium before it gets added as a TT vehicle, the only case where i see this happening that the Adaptiv active camouflage doesn’t come with it. and imo it don’t think it will come with any vehicle since i there is no use for it, like imagine opening up thermals to see a car moving in the middle of the woods in WT.

Would be the perfect top tier TT goal for the CV90120 line

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For air i was thinking something like the JA37DI could drop as a rank 8 premium.

which is basically a JA37D but nato suitable and to make it somewhat unique they can give it green Missiles like the one in this pic and a camo just like they do with any vehicle.


There are still the normal T variant and the AMOS CV90. Swed stuff won’t be enough for a rank 8 prem tho. I would expect a copy pasta Strv122 or the Finns leo 2a6

Also I’m pretty sure that car was there as a demonstration of how it can mimics other object IR signature lol.

but most of these stuff if added will be top tier and gaijin doesn’t add top tier the highest they add is .3 lower than the current BR.

mimics IR signature of bush

How about we just not add any and have no rank 8 prem so Sweden tree can be clean. The T80U with talisman should be enough alr.


Agree, premium should only be a way to help grind not shortcut

No idea if they’d ever do it, but something like the Gripen B/D could appear as a premium or event

No. Dont even think about it, the gripen is the top of the top of fighters. Do not give players the ability to instantly go to top tier they WILL die instantly

i highly Doubt, there’s only 2 options tbh either a tested mig29 by the fins which will make everyone angry, or the JA37DI and it’s most likely the JA37DI be cause the JA37D wasn’t down ranked to rank 7 and foldered with the JA37C. and No it’s not be cause gaijin doesn’t care it’s be cause they have a plan, they always do.