Swedish M/55 30mm cannons (ADEN’s)

Many people are saying it (m/55 ADEN) should NOT get tracers, while the Swedish Air Force never personally used tracer rounds, I have some other ammo that says otherwise. In Swedish use btw.


(Black ones are British)

Also, in the case of the Cold War turning Hot and starting WWIII, Sweden would be at the ready if attacked. We can assume that, despite not being affiliated with NATO at the time, but currently trying to join, and their stance towards the Western Powers, that if they were asked to assist, they would. You probably get where this is going, when at non-Swedish air bases, their only options would be the NATO standardized ADEN 30mm ammo, and have tracers, but that’s besides the fact, in 1984, they had many ammo choices other than two for their m/55 ADEN’s.

Despite being able to find this bit, I can only find the 1950’s-1960’s Ammuntion Registry.

Edit: The tracers are the Silver looking bullet, someone needs to put this in front of a suggestion mod to get it passed to the devs.