Swedish J35XS getting slapped around by almost everything

This guy is lacking on everything and I am very frustrated that I’ve spend money on this and supported you.

  1. No flare resistance on those RB24Js or whatsoever.
  2. No tracing bullets so we can possibly get a hit on the enemy with guns.
  3. Constantly getting up tier with enemies using radar missiles, faster or stronger.

You literally sell people a premium plane which is nothing different than the tech tree version.

  • If I pay for a premium plane I expect some things to be returned such as I do on other planes. This J35XS just getting slapped by everything.

Even 10.0 A5C got 35g magic1.

I don’t need 6 AAM’s if they don’t do anything okay? They are useless at the moment. They are literally the same as F5-C’s aim-9e’s which can hit a on a sleeping target…

This is not a feature makes this plane worth 70Euro.

You guys seems to have some mental issues to sell such a low key premium jet for 70euro… Are you out of your mind? I don’t know what you are gonna do but this thing needs a fix. Its either a flare resistance, number of flares, tracer rounds or what ever that will boost the performance of a premium plane which is worse than a tech tree planes at the moment…

Seriously what is 12 countermeasures? You match make me with F4-E which has 90 and expect me to dodge those radar missiles with freaking 6 chaff??? You must be out of your minds…

You have to correct this plane.


No, they are Aim-9J/P. Very potent air to air missiles.

Unlike the Aim-9E which is a slight upgrade over the Aim-9B.

Well, you can with 0 chaff. Heck top tier is played without chaff as the PD radars make it more or less useless. (Edit: last i checked the F-4E doesn’t have PD radar, so just sit slightly close to the ground and he cant lock with what i remember tl be quite the shit radar set)

Its a J35D with flares, and more missiles at 0.3 BR step higher. The J35D was fine at 10.3 with its major shortcomming being lack of flares. XS solves that, honestly you will probably figure out the plane once you realize how much energy the plane dumps in high AoA maneuvers.