Swedish Helicopters

Sweden has an issue with helicopters, they don’t have many. They currently have some “non-realistic” helicopters in the tree, but I have a proposal to fix it.


  1. Finland is already the decided tech tree

  2. Finland has viable helicopter options for the tree

  3. It needs it badly.

Starting off, we have the Mi-4

Next, the Mi-8


The NH500/Little Bird

The NH60

The Allouette

And lastly the Mi-1



The UH-60M, which can be modified to the MH-60M attack package.


UH-60M to MH-60M

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Please, i beg. No more, Please just give me the Norwegian HUEY with side door miniguns, rather have a dedicated helicopter hunter…

Rather the; AS 550 C2 Fennec Danish Army Air Service (Hærens Flyvetjeneste)



Forgot to mention Sweden operates UH-60M’s that can be modified and turned into the attack version of the MH-60M.


I’d love it, but gaijin would make it a premium.

Rather that…


Looks nice too…

Youd have to post evidence of sweden carrying the equipment and actually using attack forms of the UH 60

That’s fair, but look at the other things they gave us, this is a more “realistic” performing vehicle for them.

Eh, if it can mount them then do a suggestion for it

It’s an available modification, so they don’t “own it” per say, but they can at any time.

So its the same deal like with the gripens and the KWS, they can mount it but never owned it

Yeah, pretty much.

Aren’t the Finnish Mi-8’s just unarmed transport helis? And the Mi-4’s as well?

Mi-8 and Mi-8TP, I’m pretty sure they could be fitted with weapons if need be.

I mean, if the complaint is the Sweden heli tree has “non-realistic” helicopters, then adding armed Finnish Mi-8’s doesn’t really do anything to fix that.

Mi-28, this was at least fielded and was regularly used. It’s just very lacking.

On the one hand, there’s the Mi-28A which was armed but never accepted for service.

On the other, Mi-8’s which were in service, but were never armed.

Not against adding them, but they are just the other side of the Mi-28A coin.

Fair enough, there’s just a black hole in the Helicopter segment of Sweden. Not that I’m a big fan of naval battles, but, Swedish navy would be a big addition. Idk, it’s just a not so great spot, unless we receive the whole Nordic tree, and half isn’t locked behind a paywall, like Denmark and Norway…

There wont ever be an extension to the swedish heli tree. None of the nordic countries really have proper attack helis to my knowledge