Swedish Akan 20mm and 13mm do no damage

I’ve gotten on the t18b and tried to shoot down a zero that was literally stalling out; all I got was a hit. It managed to one shot me from 1km away while i was still flying quite fast. Then I went onto the next match and barely got a hit on a 109 and a f8f. They both flew away.

Huh? You using AP belt, im playing the same things and they often go down by first burst

I must have been using a different 13mm then because to me its exceptionally good.

20mm akan being standard 20mm damage as far as im concerned.


Weird. I tried them out in test-flight against the AI I-153 which should be very fragile.
I also got a lot of hits with single taps.

Of course the default belts have 50% AP but still.

Probably just bad luck.

Are you crazy? The 13.2mm is easily one of the best machine guns in the game

yea, as soon as you get the full HEI-T Belt