Sweden's 7.5 cm Field Cannon m/1965- Rolling Out the Boom!

MRKA.000005 (1)


The piece is semi-automatic. This means automatic cocking of the mechanism after each shot, but manual loading. Side and elevation aiming are done manually using cranks. Four men are required to operate the piece, namely two for aiming in azimuth and elevation respectively, and two for loading. Additionally, two men are required for ammunition handling.

The piece includes a splinter shield, which is equipped with a roof. It is divided into sections, making it easily mountable. Its purpose is to protect the gun crew from shell fragments and small-caliber firearms.

The maximum permitted speed is 60 km/h. In terrain, the piece can be towed under difficult conditions even with the splinter shield mounted. The piece can be towed through water obstacles with a depth equivalent to the muzzle, approximately 170 cm. Other impressive specifications include the time for transition from traveling position to firing position or vice versa with a fully trained gun crew being two minutes. The rate of fire is high; approximately 20 rounds/minute. Unitary ammunition is used.

The piece is capable of traversing 360 degrees horizontally, meaning it does not need to be slewed for large azimuth changes. Furthermore, firing elements are automatically transferred to the piece, which is equipped with zeroing instruments, one for elevation and one for azimuth. The transfer is facilitated by a unit called a ballistic computer, which calculates corrections including gun parallax.


Maximum range: 12,200 m

Projectile weight: 0.69 kg

Initial velocity: 850 m/sec

Rate of fire: 25-30 rounds/minute

Traverse: 360 degrees

Its not self propeled as far as i can see, correct?

Well if we are technical about it, this thing can function while being towed its just that ideally it should be anchored down to minimise recoil.

So in short yes, as long as you have a Volvo truck towing its capable of functioning on the move.

But no it cant move on its own otherwise

Ye, i dont see towed guns coming anytime soon to WT.

well if there was a thing to add it definitely should be this since it can rotate 360 degrees

I mean the gun is cool but unless you like to sit in spawn due to how current warthunder works…

well we have a towed thing in game albeit smaller the fuel tank on the Churchill crocodile.

But yea this thing probably isn’t going to be added

I wonder if there’s a truck mounted version like all the Italian gun trucks

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hopefully, though there is this thing: It must be attached to a Volvo terrain truck to work.
´Let me just go to the old forum

Nothing to add really, just wanted to show how it looks with the armor on.

A very hostile shed.

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