Sweden Rank 4 Tips and one other thing

Hey, a new and casual player here, I’ve been looking at tech trees and while I have spent a good amount in midranks practicing RB, I do notice that people like to do lineups in respective BRs. So I have a couple of questions;

I did pause my American Sherman progression in favor of Sweden because I like the swedish machines for absolutely no reason. I’ve progressed as far as Rank 3 with 5.0 lineups which has been working quite well for me and is very fun. However, I am now looking at Rank 4 tanks consisting of 5.7s of T-34-85 and Strv 74, 6.3 Charioteer and the 6.7s Bkan 1c and Pbv 501. Just looking at these lineups sounds awful with the spread out BRs. So I do wonder how do people get through this?? As a lot of old images and resources before the Tech Tree changes are now sorta outdated with a lot of them being foldered too.

And on another note, I do have a question. I know people have disliked Discarding Sabots for a while now, and I have used it on a few tanks as well, I do find their spalling really bad. So what exactly happened with the Discarding Sabot rounds as I heard like years ago, they were praised and people like them but now people avoid Discarding Sabots like they are the plague.

Thanks for the people who will answer.

its great that you decided to go sweden, and i guess we had opposite outlooks. For me rank 3 was hell and rank 4 was like the coming of christ. I know it doesnt look like much, and it probably is, but rank 4 is where the fun begins. 2 of the main tanks you’ll probably use and enjoy the most are the bkan 1c, pbv 501, and t34 85. The bkan 1c being the 3sec auto loader he slinger, its loads of fun, has no depression, pretty much no turret traverse and can be killed by a machine gun, but when you find a sweet spot to stand guard you’ll find yourself getting kill after kill, probably my favorite swedish tank. Next is the pbv 501, which is basically a bmp 1 without the missle launcher. with its great speed and heat fs, you’re gonna reach point before others and easily deal with armour enmies, and can also be a gremlin taking out an entire enemy wave by getting behind them. the t34 85 is just a t34 85, a good tank overall. as for strv 74 and charioteer, well, they are kinda just there, i hardly used them unless all my other tanks were gone. The 74 is a goofy skinny boi and the charioteer is mid. again, as with any tree in this game, you will suffer, you will have bad games, you drop the tree and come back to it, its all about dedication and pushing through. As for your sabot question, its as you say, its spall is left of to a gamble with gaijin after many nerfs and not fixing it, but i actually dont mind at all, for me, it usually works everytime and i disregard when it doesnt. With this, i hope you enjoy the swedish tree.


Thanks a lot man, I guess I was too tunnelled on having lineups with more or less the same BR range, but I guess it doesn’t look bad. The +1 differences in their BR kinda threw me off a little bit as I was used on seeing them on other Tech Trees. Granted, I wish British tanks had APHE coz the Comet was fun and was sorta looking forward for the Charioteer but it also didn’t have APHE, AP looks decent on paper tho.

Thanks again for the insight, I think I’ll keep pushing to Rank 4 then!

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godspeed brother

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For rank 4, the lineups I’ve found work are 6.7 with the Pbv 501, Bkan 1C, and the Charioteer which you do have to uptier to 6.7 from 6.3, and the 5.7 lineup of the Strv 74, T-34-85, and Comet I which you have to uptier to 5.7 from 5.3.

I will warn you though that the Pbv 501, while fantastic, is also hard to play and has a super high skill cap.


Why is it hard to play? I already finished the ground tree before it got added so while i did research it i only played 3 matches with it and found it rather easy/good
besides the goddamn depression being -4 i’d say it’s rather useful

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Regarding BR spread, while its true that you should keep it tight, it also very much depends on a tank.

The worst effect of uptiering is on armor and since none of those tanks depend on it, they should be fine.
As long as the tank gets good firepower or mobility, it usually handles uptiering pretty well.

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Fair point. I did have the mindset that I could bounce stuff unironically when I’m playing my 5.0 lineup with my Pvkv with its funny depression angles which makes the effective armor more thicker than it used to be. I typically do not rely on them most of the time but if that is the case, then I can pretend that I have no armor and I think i’ll be fine.

I did find out the hard way when I first got my PT46 that it plays similarly with the similar tank in the Russian tech tree. Barely any depression angles that is quite the contrast from the Swedish tanks which I think they are known mostly for their good gun depression angles as they could fight on hilly terrain. Tried doing a test drive of the Pbv 501 and yeah I can see that its gonna be hard as well. I do prefer the challenge so I am all for it.

Already using the topic, I would also like to know which Rank III Swedish Vehicles are worth being in the lineup.

From my experience, I really like the Pvkv II with its reliable gun. A bit slow on the reload and decent mobility but is virtually paper and enemies could MG you. I skipped the IKV 103 and I find that the Pvkv m/43 (1946) is also quite decent. Pz. IV and T-34 is a no brainer, ol reliable. And if you want something against CAS, get that SPAA.

For the 5.0 lineup that I use, all of them there are amazing. Strv m/42 especially. Get that APHE and its gonna wreck. PT-76 is decent light tank. Could get you some flanking kills. The Pvkv m/43 (1963) is good too another TD with reliable gun with funny depression angles that could allow you to go on hills. Comet kinda meh but still workable as a support/2nd line brawler, don’t push with it and always have allies around you if you’re using Comet.

Over time, I find that CAS gets annoying and I am dogwater with flying, I bring SPAAs into my line up. At times, the L-62 wouldn’t be enough so when you get to 5.0, get the Lvkv 42 SPAA to fight Bombers.