Sweden premium

Will Sweden get a new premium for air? I feel like out of every nation, Sweden should get a new premium, Draken is alright but I just feel like it is lacking a few.

The Draken is absolutely fantastic if you know what you’re doing. One of the best rank 7 premiums.

Eh its fine. No BVR/Radar missiles, limited flares, and poorly performing IR missiles, but busted FM and unbelievably good acceleration. Powerful in good hands, but far from the best.

I’ve been liking it again, I just find it weird Sweden hasn’t gotten a new premium aircraft and tank since the j26 david and the Draken I just really wished it had tracers too.

Part of it is that Sweden doesn’t have many options for premium aircraft.

Yeah it’s unfortunate.
I mean they could simply copy paste a vehicle and say it’s swedish, like a phantom or something. Or even a prototype vehicle

We just need to convince Gaijin that this mock-up is the real deal :D


I’d say that would be better as TT then premium. Let Sweden in on the 10.0-11.0 slow ass attack aircraft preset

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well the chances of this thing being added is probably 0 and by the chance that it did get added, they’d def slap on premium because of it never being built

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