Sweden premium

Will Sweden get a new premium for air? I feel like out of every nation, Sweden should get a new premium, Draken is alright but I just feel like it is lacking a few.

The Draken is absolutely fantastic if you know what you’re doing. One of the best rank 7 premiums.

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Eh its fine. No BVR/Radar missiles, limited flares, and poorly performing IR missiles, but busted FM and unbelievably good acceleration. Powerful in good hands, but far from the best.

I’ve been liking it again, I just find it weird Sweden hasn’t gotten a new premium aircraft and tank since the j26 david and the Draken I just really wished it had tracers too.

Part of it is that Sweden doesn’t have many options for premium aircraft.

Yeah it’s unfortunate.
I mean they could simply copy paste a vehicle and say it’s swedish, like a phantom or something. Or even a prototype vehicle

We just need to convince Gaijin that this mock-up is the real deal :D


I’d say that would be better as TT then premium. Let Sweden in on the 10.0-11.0 slow ass attack aircraft preset

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well the chances of this thing being added is probably 0 and by the chance that it did get added, they’d def slap on premium because of it never being built

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no it is not is not, it is average. It has no RWR, it has 12 slots for flares/chaffs. it has only aim9ps and it is 10,7. To make this plane work needs a lot of skill and lot of luck. BTW 90% of the game you play are in 11,3 BR, so it means radar missiles, and you are flying plane which needs altitude and you do not have any radar missile not even RWR. J35FS would be good at 10,3, but not at 10,7. It is not a bad plane, but it is not worth 60 bucks, the reall value is somewhere arround 25.

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Ngl, I’m not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that. Saying the J35XS is a fantastic premium is a crazy take and I have no clue what I was on. It’s decent if you know what you’re doing, it’s not fantastic.