Sweden not getting fox3 for its other aircraft

Wheres the rb99 for the jas39A and the 37D, you know the plane that was named the 37D cause it was update to the for the sole purpose of carrying Rb99’s


So what. Sweden got a gripen C with actual CAS and it has RB 99’s. The ja37D is mid imo and honestly trying to grind that plane without 9L’s stock at like 12.7 isnt worth it imo.


Yes but they back tracked other nations, why cant they do it with sweden, especially with the 37D, since again, thats why its called the D cause it could carry RB99’s


Idk and i dont care. The viggen is bad and after the nerf it will be worse. I dont need another tonrado to play if im being honest. If gaijin wants to add a new vehicle to sweden to fill the 11.3-12.7 gap then give sweden a danish/norwegian f16 and not make it premium. Finland cant fill swedens air out wnough and those two nations basically add 3 vehicles to fill out those brs. The least they could do is add something and same goes for germany to get ARG f16’s.

Gripen A shouldnt get them. (otherwise 0 point adding Gripen C). It does also give you an IR dogfighter at a lower BR than everyone else. May be important in the future.

A “Viggen D Late” akin to what Britain got with the Tornado F3 Late not coming though is wierd. I guess it would probably be 12.7 and technically you already have a 12.7 but its not exactly like Sweden has dozens of aircraft up high either. It would be a solid addition that would make a lot of people quite happy and it barely needs any work to implement

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Eh gripen A doesnt have a point imo, its purpose was to tell you to grind britain on release not sweden. I know they changed it but that still a pretty annoying kick to the balls personally. The gripen C os only here because they wanted swedish players to regrind the same vehicle but woth one new mod so yippy us. Thats my take however so do with it what you may.

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Honestly. Gripen A should loose Aim-9Ms, BOL and HMD and go to 12.3 Where it should have been since September (if not earlier). It would then have a purpose. But yeah. Like a lot of minor nations, was added too late to be relevant

Yeah no, hate to break it to you but with the opinion on the gripens FM it would be 12.7 without hmd and bol. People would bitch about it. Regardless why grind sweden air when you can play britain or hungary which have the same vehicle and a ton of variety and actually fun vehicles. Same goes for germany ground tbh, rip my grind for the KWS

Well. I havent used the R-Darters yet. But knowing Gaijin. They’ll be DOA. So best grind Hungary or Sweden if you want a usable Gripen C these days

Again just do hungary or britain cause theyll get EFT and probably f18 on top. Sweden is done lmao maybe we get finnish f18 3 updates later but thats it. Again variety isnt found on the air tree. Considering finland was supposed to fix the holes it dodnt do much if anything imo. Also compliments to BVVD and the german players wishing the ICE had been here years ago, on the topic of darter vs AIM 120

There’s also the JAS39D/E/F as well as the F-35A in Finnish service.

Years away, also D and F are two seater without guns and worse flight performance. Cant see them being added. Would be cool but more likely than not it wouldn’t be added. And with brazil going to italy no Brazilian gripens can be added unless its like canada.

Gripen C should get better ARH missiles like Rb.98 (IRIS-T) and Rb.101 (in service since 2016, before Gripen E was introduced), but Gaijin just give it Rb.99, what Gripen A and Viggen D should have. Well, Gaijin will never implemented new things by following the reality.

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