Sweden not getting anyting in the Alpha Strike update

Hello, i wanted to make this post to discuss why sweden didn’t get anything this update dispite every other single nation getting either a TT vehicle or a TT and a premium vehicle.

-USA:3 new vehicles, 2 TT and 1 Premium
-GERMANY:3 new vehicles, all are TT
-USSR: 3 new vehicles, 2 TT and 1 premium
-GB:4 new vehicles, 3 TT and 1 premium
-JAPAN: 3 new vehicles, 1 premium and 1 squadron and 1 TT
-CHINA:2 new vehicles, both TT
-ITALY:14 new vehicle, 13 TT and 1 premium
-FRANCE:4 new vehicles, all TT
-ISRAEL:2 new vehicles, one premium and one TT.

and here we come to sweden… that got 1 single vehicle and that’s the strv121B and it’s a premium…so why? every single nation got something besides sweden, there was so much vehicles to choose and pick from and drop like SO MUCH but yet they decided to add nothing. Not to mention the fact that gaijin promised that the JAS39C gripen this UPDATE yet…it didn’t drop and was delayed (again) to another major update, at the same time ANOTHER nation got the JAS39C gripen and sweden didn’t so why?

this discussion is a waste of time.
it doesnt really matter why.
just that it did.
end of story.


“it doesn’t really matter why”. i would like to see your reaction if your nation didn’t get anything or simply another nation got a vehicle you were supposed to have, not to mention that 5 new vehicles were leaked for sweden yet only 1 come…and it’s a 70$ premium that already exist in the tech tree…

we have been thru that too many times.
its a game.
we dont own it.
accept the fact that sweden gets literally nothing from another gripen that is functionally identical and without AMRAAMs

You don’t need jas39c without amraam. Devs already give HMD to jas39a so there is no difference.

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it’s not only the JAS39C, it doesn’t really matter anymore i just wanted to add it to the topic for the sake of argument. but the entire point that sweden needed so much stuff for a long long time and yet they didn’t drop anything.

i know i added the gripen C topic for the sake of argument.

What exactly does Sweden need? They got another Strv 122 last update, their top tier is better than ever with very few other BR / capability gaps. Sweden is by far one of the last nations in need of new vehicles.

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The update cycles are far too tight as it is. I think Gaijin should take a bit more time again and perhaps not just think about content.

Strange, I tought there was 1 premium on swedes.
So dont lie

Eh, usually for updates like this one where its about ~100 days between updates they add ~40 vehicles. This update BY FAR was the smallest update to ground in 3 years (Raining Fire) with WAY higher premium to non premium ratio. Even when sub trees get added like Finland other nations still get some love outside of copy + paste prem tanks.

it needs tons of stuff for many many BR’s, first of all let’s talk about Air.

sweden lacks good CAS in some battle ratings like 10.3 and 11.0 barely anything good and not only CAS planes but overall strikers, with the AJS37 and the AJ37 you barely and i mean barely bomb a base without stripping your plane to the bare engine only.

in 9.0-9.3 aka Rank 6 there is not a SINGLE good plane that is not over tiered by MUCH imagine the J29F at 9.0… 0.3 lower than something like the mig21F13 or the mig19 or mig19S or lighting F.6 not a single good vehicle at that BR for ARB

, and speaking of CAS there’s no CAS for 3.7 besides the J26 david that is behind an expensive paywall…

but enough about air let’s talk ground, the nation have 3 gaps that are not filled in the TT and here are they:
Screenshot 2024-03-14 115224
Screenshot 2024-03-14 115314

and some lineups that lack good tanks such as 6.7 and 4.0-4.7…

all these and possibly more have ben their since the update of fire and ice and yet they haven’t ben filled or anything added to these Battle ratings that clearly lack anything good, just be cause sweden is good ONLY in top tier Air and mid tier to top tier ground doesn’t mean this nation isn’t supposed to get anything at all for other Battle ratings while other nations do.

No, the cycle is well established and ok in my view, with a bit more “lean” and a bit more “fat” patches coming one after the other, in fairly regular intervals.

As to OP’s lament about nothing for Sweden now, well, Sweden got planes and tanks in most recent patches quite regularly, I see no grounds for a “bias against adding Swedish vehicles” in any way…

Also, a Swedish vehicle, albeit not in the Swedish tree, was also added this patch with the Hungarian Gripen… ;-)


I’ve noticed it many times … I am a dying target group. That’s ok for me.

Maybe because sweden was a lovely gaijin child for literally eternity? You using Japan as example, but what was added actually? Premium top-tier copy (it isnt new vehicle and it is useless for majority of JP players), Battleship (and navy isnt popular at all) and FIRST squadron vehicle (it is first squad vehicle and SECOND CAS option for high BR ground). And Japan is one of the most lacking TT in the game. So yes, Sweden got nothing and thats alright.

What do you propose?

It is a fact that Sweden didn’t focus on using their Air Force for CAS operations, so I don’t know how best to solve this.

Japan was in a similar situation and now got a Squadron vehicle added that kinda helps, but what to add to Sweden?

for 10.3-11.0 CAS options nations like Denmark and Norway can be used to help with this situations as for other stuff mentioned in my post swedish and finnish options are available, yet they weren’t added

Just use the ju88 or the b18A, they are good enough even at 3.7 at cas

What Danish / Norwegian aircraft fitting into 10.3-11.0 do you have in mind? There’s the Norwegian F-5A maybe, that’s about it…