Sweden just Announced a new generation of Leopards Strv 123A

Hope i get to see this thing IRL hehe because i live near a test ground and sometimes there are visitor days ( Monitored of course ) To see how the members of the military live and to talk about the experiences within their service. Its fun!


Any clue if we’ll get this model of the Swedish leopard 2 (if it is Swedish) I’m fairly sure it’s German but the camo looks like Swedish camo and the light look Swedish, I think it’s the “Leopard 2a7” which was a joint between many countries on the basis of the Swedish armor pack.

I’ve further overlooked over the above image, it’s a Leopard 2a7 with trophy APS system, I wonder if this is the modification change to the 122A/B/C models in a joint operation from a decent amount of countries.
And here’s the link to it if your interested

No. Strv 123A won’t be much different in exterior compared to Strv 122A except 55 caliber long smoothbore cannon

What’s the current caliber, is it 52?



It’s getting the L/55A1, same gun on the Challenger 3.

UNRELATED: I just now thought about this, but essentially the Strv 103 is essentially a “bullpup” tank lol. But also, I’m surprised Sweden didn’t upgrade the barrel length on the 122 from the short 120mm on the Leo. 2a5 earlier than now.

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