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Susa-class Missile Boat, Susa (P01)

During trials

Coastal vessel, Libyan missile boat, based on Brave-class with SS.12 missiles. Another one of Vosper-Thornycroft’s naval exports.

The first missile boats built in the West, the Susa-class missile boats were based on the Danish Søløven-class torpedo boats, which in turn were based on the British Brave-class. They were made of wood (as opposed to the Brave’s aluminium), and used CODOG propulsion, being able to reach a top speed of 54 knots with its gas turbines. As the first missile boats in the West, they were armed with French SS.12M wire guided missiles and also had 2 Bofors guns. The design was a result of collaboration between Vospers and Nord-Aviation, who supplied the missiles, and additionally 2 other French companies who designed a new stabilized targeting sight for the missiles. The SS.12M had a range of 6 km and a speed of 200 m/s, and had a 28.4 kg warhead. The missile gunner sat in a stabilized seat forward of the bridge, which could rotate to each side in case the ship made manoeuvres while firing. The launcher was designed to only fire when the racks had an elevation of 9 degrees or more, and would automatically delay firing otherwise.

The 3 ships of the class were ordered in 1966 from Vospers, and were commissioned into the Libyan Navy in 1969 as their first fast attack craft. They were named Susa, Sirte, and Sokna. Like pretty much every early Libyan naval vessel they had literally nothing notable happen during their service life. In 1977 they were repaired and had new engines fitted in Italy. By 1995 they were mostly non-operational, and likely were scrapped sometime after.

Specifications: (1969)

2x1 40mm Bofors L/60 Mk.9
2x4 SS.12M SSM

95 tons standard
114 tons full

Length: 30.5m

Beam: 7.8m

Draft: 2.1m

Propulsion: 3 Bristol Siddeley Proteus gas turbines and 2 General Motors 6-71 diesel engines, 12750 + 190hp, driving 3 shafts

Speed: 54 knots (100 km/h)

Range: 435 nmi

Crew: 20


From a Nord-Aviation advert

Sirte during its trials
Really low quality close-up view of the missile control and missile rack

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This incomplete pdf I found about the Brave-class


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