Support ignores, money paid, no result

No, it’s not the desire to deal with this, but I still ran into this problem. The essence of the problem is that the plane was purchased through Steam, the money was successfully debited, the item did not work, it would seem, yes, a common mistake happens, I wrote in support, and what do you think? Nothing happens correctly, that is, according to the logic of the company, the person who pays must still wait and look for all possible options to get what he paid for? Steam support - says contact the gajin, gajin support is even easier, they just keep silent. It turns out there are no authorized persons who can solve this problem?

When have contact the GJ’s support (on this site ??

When i contact them, my medium respond time is 48h, out of week end.

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Does support generally work or rest on weekends? Have you ever received support on weekends?

I applied on Friday, in principle, if I knew about the steam synchronization problem, then I would have purchased through the gajiinn store.

If you send your request on the site friday, i think you will have a respond monday AM or more probably thuesday.

But nobody can know in advance if he will have sync problems … or he is a medium x)

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Thank you so much, shangxiang.
The issue is clearly not solvable in the forums, therefore, I will close this topic.

Please await an answer from Gaijin Support during the weekdays :)

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