Super Etendard: Thirsty For Battle

The Super Etendard is a fast and maneuverable aircraft that can be configured for all types of combat: ground strikes as well as air combat. This interesting aircraft will appear in the French research tree in the upcoming “Sons of Atilla” major update!

Super Etendard, strike/naval aircraft, France, rank VII


  • High-thrust, but non afterburning engine.
  • Good maneuverability.
  • Targeting system.
  • Great arsenal.

The Super Etendard carrier-based attack aircraft was a further development of the Etendard IV, which featured improved flight performance, a radar and precision-guided weapons. The first flight of this updated variant took place in 1974, and after a number of modifications, the Super Etendard was accepted into service in 1978. Serial production lasted until 1983, and in addition to the French Navy, a batch of this aircraft was ordered by Argentina, which successfully operated it in combat during the Falklands War. The French Super Etendard received its baptism of fire in Lebanon in 1983, where the French Navy suffered its first losses of this aircraft. Sometime later, the Super Etendard was leased by the Iraqi Government, and was used to disrupt Iranian shipping in the Persian Gulf.

The Super Etendard is an excellent new attack aircraft for France, featuring guided weapons which are an immensely useful addition! This aircraft is a modified version of the popular Etendard IVM, which you may be familiar with, and will appear in the upcoming “Sons of Attila” major update. Let’s see what else it has to offer!

Developed as a modern carrier-based attack aircraft, the Super Etendard received some major improvements: these include a new radar as well as precision weapons. Thanks to the addition of the SNECMA ATAR 8K50 Power Plant, as well as having a low take-off weight, the Super Etendard is rather powerful, and therefore will become one of the fastest and most dynamic aircraft with a non-afterburning engine when it arrives in the game! Better yet, with its well-designed airframe, the Super Etendard is capable of withstanding very high speeds.

Download Wallpaper:

Diving into the main differences between the standard Etendard and the new Super Etendard, which is its expanded armament capability. Thanks to the addition of a targeting pod, the Super Etendard can use up to 4 x GBU-12 Paveway II bombs.

In light of that, dropping these bombs from long distances is easy, thanks to the targeting pod’s excellent zoom and laser guidance. Moving onto air-to-air combat capability: instead of AIM-9B missiles, the Super Etendard features the Matra R550 Magic 1 missile, which you may be familiar with from the Mirage series: they are maneuverable and are excellent at short-range air combat encounters! In addition to that, the arsenal of unguided weapons — rockets and bombs — are controlled by a ballistic computer. Unlike the previous Etendard version, the Super Etendard can also carry countermeasures, having more than 200 in total. Besides that, the same guns remain in the form of 2 x 30 mm DEFA 552A cannons, which have no problem destroying lightly armored vehicles, but on the other hand, only have 125 rounds per gun.

The dynamic and easy to handle Super Etendard will be waiting for you in the French research tree in the upcoming “Sons of Attila major update. The update is coming soon, so keep an eye on the news!

You can greatly speed up the research of the Super Etendard with this premium pack:

Mirage F1C-200 Pack
Mirage F1C-200 Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • Mirage F1C-200 (France, Rank VII)
  • 2500 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 20 days

Absolute aesthetic.

Gib moar foldable wings!!


This plane whould be great 16 months ago, now it just meh xd

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Thing i do not understand is :
No AS.30L despite the plane having it IRL - multiple bug report have been made on this

No Magic-2 aswell, despite the Super Étendard having a big carreer up to 2016 - don’t know if it have been reported - it is possible that this have been done only for modernised variant

No AM.39 Antiship missile, despite being the purpose of this aircraft in the first place - which was fully expected,…


please announce the update for tomorrow, this dev server update makes me nervous for a delay

Magic 2s would make it 10.7.
There are no ships to use anti-ship missiles on currently, and at 10.7 with Magic 2s that’d be stronger ships if naval gets that high.
As for AS-30Ls… maybe a sidegrade to 4x GBUs.

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Wing folding when?

should have magic 2s (since it has the atlis pod it’s a modernized version) and maybe the damocles to get thermal. It also should have the as30L (don’t remember if it did have it on the dev server). Even if i’m hyped for it, i would prefer a normal super étendard at 9.3-9.7 and an upgraded SE at 10.3-10.7 with magic 2s damocles, pesa radar, etc.


lol let’s remember the a6e tram has 6 aim-9L and faces a lot of plane having no countermeasures.

There is, in custom battle,… and there is AI vehicule in ARB too.

So there is a possible use of ASM’s in this game.

10.7 would be still be ok, considering Jaguar currently is lower BR and better than Super-Etendard overall.

And finally AS-30L should be there, even if you think of all players would go for Gbu-12

French naval aviation has never lost a Super Etendard during combat missions in Lebanon or in any other operations during its career under the French flag from 1978 to 2016. the only losses of this aircraft are due to problems mechanical or piloting errors.


The article didn’t say loss from combat - just first loss… which is probably also not true…

The sentence makes it understood like this. It would have been less relevant to point out in the following sentence that a super-Etendard was lost, under Iraqi flag, against an Iranian F-4. This is the only operational loss of this aircraft during its entire career, regardless of its country of use.

But all this will probably not bring us the AS30L nor the Magic 2 on our Super Etendard in the game…😅

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