Super Etendard Radar

Hello, the Super Etendard’s “Anemone” radar does not detect anything in search mode, it only works in ACM mode. Is this normal? or is it dedicated to air/sea mode. Best Regards

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WT Wiki say:

Super Etendard to rain hell on tanks in ground battles, but it also gets an air-to-surface radar, allowing it to detect ground vehicles from far away in the right circumstances.

It detect ships at least in sim battles.

IRL it also have an Air-Air Mode similar to Etendard IVM → use ACM mode.

Yeah, I forgot about that.

Yes I noticed the same problem. This is an error in the game. Irl the Super-Etendard is equipped with an “AGAV” radar on these first versions and “Anemone” on these latest versions. In both cases the radar had air-to-air capability. I hope a dev will see this post and be able to make the required corrections.