Summer sale 2024?

Does anyone have any news on when the summer sale might start?
This week or maybe next?
Since that’s what my guess is according to the last ones.

No one will have any information until Gaijin provides it but here is the historical information

Screenshot 2024-06-24 103957


Your guess is as good as anyone elses

The thing I’m wondering about is how good is it going to be?

And when the camo boxes come out for this update :)

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i wounder what vehicles that will decide to retire. The biggest sales arent until the end of the year but should be ok sale.

Yeah me too

I’m worried it’ll be one they just added like the that M48/60 they added awhile ago and the almost immidtially took out

Do you think the P-51D-10 will be on sale? Or P-38K?

That’s what I’m saying I’ve been waiting for this sale so I can get some new premiums.

Last summer sale was only some packs, isn’t ? Very underwhelming !!!

Will the F5C be on sale?

We‘ll See but probably because Last Sale was low Tier This Time we‘ll get high Tier

F-20 PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I beggggggggggggggggg!

Wont Happen Buddy its too new. Probably Tornado

Yeah I know, but it’s not going to stop me from hoping and begging 😂😞

I’m hoping for it to be this winter

I prefer premium sales, buying 180 days for a price of 90 days. Yummy.

I really doubt, since, except by Anniversary Sale, just few vehicles get in sale while others remain the same price during this period.

Anniversary or winter could Both be possible 🙂

Yeah. That’s what I’m banking on getting it

I hope they up the sales to Rank 6-7… if its like last year where they were 4-5 ranks. it will be very disappointing.

We had already the lowtier Sale in the last one. We‘ll get High Tier packs

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do you think there may be a discount on leopard 2 (pzbtl 123)