Sukhoi T-10 Prototype "Flanker-A"

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Sukhoi T-10 Prototype “Flanker-A”

Brief History:

This is meant to suggest the pre-production, prototype Sukhoi T-10 specifically the T-10-11 sub-prototype which included provisions for air-to-air missiles and combat avionics like radar and IRST. It would maintain the distinct ogival wing tips and vertical stabilizers mounted directly on top of the engine nacelles. Along with fixed engine nozzle housing, containing the AL-21F-3AI engines (Modified AL-21F-3 engines from Su-17 and Su-24 to work with the T-10).

The N001 Mech radar, OPES-27 IRST and SPO-15 RWR were tested on some prototypes of the T-10 and would make up the main sensor suite. For armament, dummy R-60s could be mounted on the wing pylons and may have been used in very early tests but ultimately the R-73 RMD-1 and R-27R/T missiles would make up the main weaponry.

Production was centered at Komsomolsk, Khabarrovsk territory.

Development of the T-10 had issues, resulting in two pilots dying before major airframe redesigns took place. This initial prototype model was considered too heavy and under-powered and thus was expected to be inferior to Western planes at the time, notably the F-15A. The avionics were much heavier than anticipated by “several hundred kilograms” which negatively affected flight performance significantly compared to later production Su-27S. It was decided to scrap the fighter and start almost completely over from scratch. This re-designed and re-designated “T-10S” would more closely match and eventually go on to become the production model of the Su-27S “Flanker-B”.

Prototypes design trademarks included:

  • Ogival “curved” wingtips
  • Tail fins mounted centrally above engine housings
  • Rearward retracting nose wheels
  • AL-21F-3AI engines

Specific information for the T-10 prototypes is difficult to find, especially as the prototypes changed rapidly, so some values have been borrowed from production Su-27 aircraft. If you see something that needs correction and have a source to back it up, please share it below.


Length: 21.9m

Height: 5.92m

Wingspan: 14.7m


    2x AL-21F-3AI turbojet engines

        Engine Thrust:

        Military power: 7800 kgf - 76.5 kN

        Afterburner: 11,215 kpf - 109.9 kN


    2x AL-31F turbofan engines

        Engine Thrust:

        Military power: 7800 kgf - 76.5 kN

        Afterburner: 12,500 kpf - 122.6 kN

Max speed:

        Sea level: Mach 1.13

        High alt: Mach 2.35

Rate of climb: 300 m/s

Service ceiling: 19,000 m

Range: 1,340 to 3,530 km


        Empty weight: 16,380 kg

        Max T-O weight: 30,450 kg

Internal fuel capacity: 5,600-6,350 kg

Wing area: ~62 m^2


Countermeasures: APP-50 dispenser

Avionics: N001 Mech radar, OPES-27 IRST, SPO-15 RWR


    N001 (RLPK-27) "Mech" Pulse Doppler Radar

    High and Medium PRF

    Diameter 1.075 m

    Azimuth +-60

    Elevation +60 -55

    Power 1kW 

Meant to compete with the F-15's APG-63 radar and be similar to the MiG-29 N019 radar.

Was replaced eventually by the N011 radar, but still used in export Flankers. 


Weapons Loadout:


    GSh-30-1 (150 rounds)

A-A Missiles:

    2-4x R-60M (only for prototypes) OR  2-4x R-73 on wing pylons

    4x R-27R/T on centerline and engine pylons

6 to 8 weapon hardpoints (depending on prototype subvariant)

Capacity up to ~4,430 kg. 




(Early US intel hypothesizing on Su-27 capabilities.)







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Cool jet but it shouldnt be added. The Yak-141/F-16AJ proved that paper vehicles that never entered service are simply too controversial. Not just that but the USSR tech tree will see an Su-27 at some point, the T-10 is a thoroughly unnecssary predecesor, especially as its FBW was unstable enough to cause the crashes and deaths of the majority of prototype air frames/pilots.

TLDR: unnecessary, wait until SU-27

The T-10 and Yak-141 aren’t paper vehicles. They are physical prototypes that actually flew. Now if you are against prototypes that’s fine but please don’t refer to them as paper vehicles in the same vein as the F-16AJ.

My thoughts for the T-10 are that it would be an interesting event vehicle only. Not particularly good, but a unique and decent near top-tier reward for a future event. Obviously the SU-27 is coming at some point soon but no reason these both couldn’t exist in the future.


T-10 and Yak-141 were never armed, functionally they were very much paper vehicles.

This is not true, there is even photographic evidence of the T-10 firing R-27s.


I concede to the that, I would still prefer the main Su-27 be added, with the T-10 being an event vehicle.

We are in agreement then.

Would be an insane event vehicle