Suggestions for WarThunder crew voice

Dear Gaijin company.After experiencing several versions of game updates, I would like to offer you a few suggestions. I would like to set an option in the game to choose between the old crew voice or the new crew voice. I know that Gaijin’s dedicated programmers did not delete the old crew voice files, and Gaijin is a responsible company. Why do you do this? It comes from the last wish of a friend of mine and the common hope of players. My friend loves the old Swedish voice very much, but after the La Royale version update, he can no longer hear the old Swedish voice.He has complained to me about this matter multiple times. I have nothing to do about it. He really wants to hear the old Swedish voice again, but he never has a chance again. His life came to an end in a car accident. It’s just so sad, we are excellent friends, and I want to commemorate them by setting the options I mentioned earlier in the game. Based on my research, I found that there are many players who want to hear the old crew voice, so this is not only my wish, but also the wish of many players.I hope that Gaijin Company, which has always been concerned about players, can take my opinion. This will make me extremely grateful!

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