Suggestions for how the gaijin can introduce the Gripen later

hey gaijin i have a suggestion for how you guys can intrude gripe into war thunder when its ready to release. I think you will make some kind of short film with some kind of epic music, so I have a suggestion for what kind of song could fit. Hårgalåten, you can listen and think about whether it sounds good, but I think it would be suitable for the Swedish plane.

Bro calm the F down the plane won’t be the main hero of his batch along him will probably stand the F16C Viper and Mig-29S or F15A and SU27 which wil be way more focused on. Gaijin don’t wank one nation man…

When Viggen was realesed it was the star of its patch.

Same thing pretty much can happen to Gripen as well.