Suggestion to improve Naval once again

Alright. I have noticed some weird timers as well, but I don’t have enough experience with naval to have figured anything out about it. I’ll take your word for it. haha

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You will notice it quite a lot when you have bigger ships.

These are good improvements, but unfortunately these are just that, improvements to a terrible gamemode. Naval needs a (small) overhaul and the sooner we realise this the better. However, as both an enjoyer of coastal and bluewater ships I have some suggestions of my own.

First off, the duration of a match needs to be much, much longer. The ticket bleed is weird, sometimes the tickets run out incredibly fast even when the opposing team only has a one capture point advantage. The only time matches take longer is when capture points get traded a good few times. These matches are the most fun because you actually get to use your whole line-up. By the way, we need way more spawns per match.

The current capture points just don’t work well in naval. I think we can do better than just copy ground battles and have these circles in the middle of the water. Capture points could be turned into much larger capture zones that are wedged in between the landscape. These zones should take long to capture and require a large presence of allies to keep in control. The capture rate could be determined by the combined tonnage of the ships inside it, so who captures it isn’t determined by whoever can rush it with a small boat the fastest. This should of course be dependant on the size of the capture area (i.e. we need coastal zones so smaller ships can also capture something effectively, bluewater ships may enter, but lots of obstacles should make it hard to enter and easy to get hit with a torpedo).

I always feel like naval gameplay is a bit barren, but maybe that’s because there’s NOTHING TO DO. Where are the objectives? Again, naval is literally ground battles with floating tanks because there are zero things to do besides shooting other players. Why can’t we get some objectives from air battles? Lots of ships have excellent anti-air capabilities, but usually no aircraft to shoot at because players don’t bother bringing them (I’ll discuss that later). Let’s have some bomber formations that are on their way to bomb the harbour or the city and give one team the task to shoot them down. Give the other team a bunch of cargo ships to destroy and I think naval will feel a lot less like an afterthought already.

One thing I keep hearing is that coastal and bluewater vehicles don’t mix. I think that’s a shame. Personally I really enjoy sneaking up on destroyers with the fastest, tiniest torpedo boat and catching them off guard with one or two torpedoes. For me this is the pinnacle of naval gameplay. It’s really hard to pull off (sometimes I have to dodge a million shells, usually failing to do so), but it’s immensely satisfying when it works. I know most people don’t bother. What usually ends up happening is that their un-armoured coastal vessel gets one shot by a 130mm shell from a destroyer, and to be fair, any bluewater player that’s isn’t brain-dead can defend usually destroy an enemy torpedo boat long before it comes close. It feels like main caliber gunfire is much too accurate to make torpedo runs viable. Torpedo boats should ideally be dealt with by the secondary guns, which should only be effective at a closer distance, where the torpedo boat player can make a choice to fire their torpedoes early and survive, or get closer to make sure they get a hit.

I wish bringing aircraft into naval battles wasn’t such a pain in the a**. There’s barely any terrain to put between yourself and the entire enemy team which more often than not has excellent anti-air. Bombing from high altitude is too inaccurate unless you drop 1000kg+ bombs or a Fritz-X, and flying lower than 2000 metres is a death sentence, unless you’re facing a lone <2.0 BR coastal vessel. Dive bombing is virtually unheard of. The only way people even use aircraft is by dropping everything at once on a single ship in a kamikaze dive, but this could also be because matches don’t even last long enough for you to reload at the airfield, so you might as well crash into your victim immediately. I haven’t tried arcade, but I can imagine that it’s a whole different story. Mid-air reloading means you can stay at high altitudes indefinitely (imagine spamming the Fritz-X, I will have to try this tactic) and dive bombing is made easy with the 3rd person bomb marker. The only way I think this can be balanced right now is by making AA fire more accurate in arcade and less accurate in realistic battles.

As many have said, the spotting system in realistic battles is broken. Being able to mark enemy ships through literal terrain is honestly kind of insane. Spotting distance should ideally be determined by ship size. There’s no way anyone should be able to see my tiny reserve torpedo boat from 10+ kilometres away in rough waters. Speaking of rough waters, can we get some different weather during battles? How about a massive downpour or thunderstorm while we’re traversing the waves? If we can’t get the gameplay right, can we at least make our naval mode look cooler than World of Warships?

Lastly, just to make the list complete, the BR’s need to be redone completely. Don’t base these of statistics (there’s too many bots anyway), actually listen to the people on the forum who have a passion for naval. Also, one likes facing cold-war era ships, even if Gaijin thinks your pre-WWI built ship is technically just as deadly. It’s ruins immersion quite a bit.

Thanks for reading my overly-long post. I just want naval to be good…


Trust me, you dont want this. Not until maps are made to actually work. If they add a bunch of missiles carriers, the first 20 sec of a match is just going to be like 40 missiles being launched and half of each team dying within the first 30 sec.
We already have issues with people dying in the first 30 sec of a match because the map devs have never touched a pvp game.

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First of all thanks for your contribution and of course thanks to all others that have provided their point of view.

Yes, Naval is flawed, you notice that the game mode was centred around the small boats and with this, it works.
If you have only tiny “speed” boats zooming around shooting some MGs and “small” shells, everything works, mostly, fine.
But the moment we are taking big(ger) ships it all falls apart, you are right.

The time isn’t the problem more the maps, I think 15-20 Minutes is a good time for an entire match.
But yes the ticket bleed is way too strange, also with your big ships you can’t, most of the time, reach the cap point, even if you go full throttle.
I absolutely agree that Naval needs a complete overhaul, the submarine event showed that they can do it.
defending a convoy that is moving and hunting down other ships/submarines was quite fun.

I like the idea of making the capturing much longer/slower and connected to the tonnage.
Because, as I’ve written, it is really annoying to sail to a cap point with your big ship, taking the heat so just a small boat can steal the cap point right in front of you.
Also, I hate that big ships just send their tiny plane and caps, getting all the credit, which can ruin entire matches.
That is a pretty good idea. I will add it to my list and of course credit you.

Yes, you are right, we naval players have only two things to do, kill the enemy and cap a point.
Yes, there are maps with a fleet you have to protect, but even I ignore it most of the time and go hunting other players.
Yes not only do we need more to do, I would even suggest, why not combine Air and Naval battles?
I mean they had once the idea to combine all game modes.
I also would give the cap points bonus or advantages.
A cap point close to a harbour repairs your ship and gives you crew, another gives you ammo, etc.
That would make fights around those points maybe more interesting? More intense?
But yes absolutely we Naval players need way more.

I say that bluewater and coastal don’t mix because it is always quite one-sided.
Sure it makes fun to sneak up and kill a big ship that is why I want the reward connected to the tonnage, but the small boats need places where they are safe and can fight each other.
Many times when I am playing with my coastal, the big ships just swarm into the cap points and destroy all the tiny boats that have barely a chance.
There is definitely a balance issue, which is more connected to the map design and how the damage model works.

Yeah, flying planes doesn’t make that much fun, you are absolutely right in every point there.
Especially when the freaking Bots can snipe you over 5 km with pinpoint accuracy, which makes playing plane even worse.
Yes, I want more planes and even better planes in the matches, like I said earlier, maybe connect those two game modes? But I guess we have here a map problem too.
Because Air maps aren’t really suitable for Naval and if you look closely you can see they are pretty ugly, because Gaijin didn’t put too much effort into the maps because you are already flying several kilometres/miles in the air and don’t give a fuck if a street makes a sharp corner etc.

I’ve tested with a couple of friends top-tier planes with top-tier ships and it was honestly quite fun.
I could finally use my Kormoran Missiles against actual targets.
Could make a freaking awesome super sonic bombing run.
The moment a Bravy sniped me with his rocket, while I was doing Mach 1.2 was just amazing.
So again Gaijin, combine Naval and Air!

Yes, the spotting is broken in this game, in naval it is quite obvious.
I can lock targets behind mountains and shoot them while they can’t see me or lock on me or vice versa.
The same happens in Arcade too, you can actually SEE the ship and “puff” gone like “What the hell, how can I NOT see a freaking Scharnhorst that is 8 km away in open water.”

The thing with the balance is that many ships don’t have their full potential, for example, the USS Alaska has an internal system against torpedos, something that isn’t modelled and with it making the ship way weaker.
Also, I don’t have a problem that WW1 ships are on the top, since they are quite tanky and even if they can slap, they don’t have much air defence and if we had good air battles the big ships would need to protect the destroyers, so they don’t get slapped by planes.
They are also quite slow and good targets for submarines.
I think that the lack of submarines and a better air battle system screws up with the BR decisions.
Because I can see where they were going with it.

Also, another problem is torpedo spam, especially from the IJN Shimakaze… 15 Torpedos with 1 Ton of TNT explosive…the freaking hell.
Torpedos also need a rework.

Not only the torpedo but the entire damage model/system from War Thunder needs a complete overhaul, especially in Naval.
But that is sadly a point that Gaijin will never address.
Because the damage model is one of the key features of this game.

Thank you for your post and point of view.
I hope Gaijin sees our post and tries to improve the mode.
At one point they have to.

We have already ships with good rockets, the USS Douglas, the Soviet Bravy and one coastal ship from the italians, sorry I don’t remember the name.
At the moment they aren’t a problem, but if we have more ships with bigger missiles they could become a problem.
But there are counter measures, flares, secondaries shooting at the rocket, the C-RAM etc.
(oh my god now I want a ship with C-RAM defence systems … DAMMIT!)
No thinking about, no, they could actually work if we have a proper defence system and it would make grouping up a viable option because the defence system could help each other.
Speaking in theory.

Have you ever tried naval EC?
The air battles and objectives are very well integrated imho, there is a lot of variety, bombing bases, performing cas, intercept bombers, capture zones and so on…

Well, in fact there is also a mode where players need to sink steady enemy transport, but apart this, nothing more.

I believe gj is aware of naval “flatness” game mode, in this respect, the direction of adding subs or maybe even carriers controlled by players goes in this way.

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What does EC Stand for?
If you get the right game mode, not this “land and cap” thing, yes you have a variety to bomb.

Yes, there are maps with a fleet you must protect but 99% of the time no one cares. Maybe the tiny boats or the few planes

but only for BBs would be great|

Night battles are great, and a storm would be something, hunting for BBs in a small boat, generally nice suggestions, but Gaijn will have it at about 90%, compartments should be added, because it’s stupid that I’ll get hit by a missile in the middle of the ship and the whole the middle part of the hull is flooded, where are the bulkheads?, the tilt control system, etc., at the moment the flooding means that when a bullet penetrates your armor, water pours into the ship and it cannot be stopped because neither bulkheads nor compartments in the hull exist , you could also add different types of electric torpedoes, etc. Some were very slow but almost invisible, and others were fast but could be seen from a distance.

EC are Enduring Confrontation events playable from Thursday to Sunday.

Battle limit 3 hours, maps very big… Unlimited spawn, only ge cost…

Okay I guessed Enduring Confontation but I wasn’t sure and no the mode sucks hard :D sorry.

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Honest and fair, no need to sorry ;)

Due to the battlepass tasks I took a look back into Naval and took the “bad” MC 485 boat from the last battlepass and was surprised by the long waiting times. Feels a bit dead to be honest. I like to play it from time to time because it is a bit more relaxing but demanding in a positive way.
Hope to see it grow again.

have you enabled “join in progress”? with this option active the waiting times seems to be a little shorter…

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No I deactivated it because I play a lot of light tanks in ground forces and if you’re late to the party you get in trouble. Thx for the advice I will try that.

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