Suggestion to add thunder, wind ambient sounds to weather maps (Updated)

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  • Yes gaijin can add lighting strikes as an option in the graphics settings
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I am making a this suggestion to add ambient sound to weather maps, to bring in more immersion to the surroundings of planes, tank and ships.

The Thunder clouds is a great addition to the game, but they lack depth of sound especially the thunder clouds that is close the ground. With each thunderstorm, the will make players more vigilant of what is around them and would make every timing of shot go right with thunderstorm.

With wind being show graphically, with tree swing around, it be more reasonable to add wind howling sounds especially when there is strong winds on maps, the howling sounds city maps would amplifies the sound combat noise of guns, tank engine, track and machine guns and aircraft like helicopters or props. It would make the player rely more on their vision and hearing what is going around them.

I was thinking while talking about a screen shot, that I took, if possible, with thunder dynamic weather on maps, would also be possible to add lighting as a graphical option to turn or to turn off, why yes, this will cause a pop up in the option to warn players who have seizures or have Epilepsy.

I would like to hear people opinion.


Excellent suggestion.

Yes, IF it is done reasonably, realistically and not extensively.

They still need to get the exaggerated wind tree effect under control…



Excellent idea! After latest update with condition visible, when “Thunderclouds” is on I see no lighting bolts or flashing light clouds to resemeble active Thunder weather.

Both in Ground battles and Air battles

imagine if you could get struck by lightning though

The funny thing is when you use the War Thunder Github folder and listen to all the audio files you find out that yes rain, wind, ambiance, for everything yes everything, from rain-hitting helicopter propellers to rain-hitting the cockpit has its sound.

The problem is Gaijin doesn’t balance it out well so it’s incredibly quiet. Which it shouldn’t.


I’d prefer if they spent their energy just making sure the moving trees work properly. Was in a match today where apparently it was a Cat 5 hurricane blowing.

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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