Suggestion Regarding to Stock Missile & Weapon Selection

The weapon selection has been a annoying problem for those fighters that have their best ir missile as stock missile. This problem has become even more annoying on fighters like F16ADF, Su27, and J11. Example: 2R-73+2R-73+2R-27ET+4R-27ER, constantly switching between these options is really distracting when flying under pressure. Is it possible to add a loadout option for the stock missile to separate them from the loadout options thats unlocked via reseaching modules? For example, instead of having 2R-73s as stock missiles, make a missile named R-73(stock), and have 2 of it as stock missles "2R-73(stock)".


I got better idea
Group same types of weapon into one group
If you have stock 9L + four more 9Ls on Block 10 F-16, the game shouldn’t show it as 9L (2X) + 9L (4X), rather it should group them because it’s same weapon, so it should show 9L (6X)


The problem is that previouly dev team said that cant be done due to technical reasons(something like that). So I’m thinking is it possible to add a missile that have exact same performance and appearance but system-wise a different missile as stock missile.


btw, f16 block 10’s 9Ls are in the same group (it does show 6x9L), because block 10s have 9Js as their stock missiles

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Ah, must be a thing on ADF and 16C I think
My bad

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Got the same on the Gripen now as well. With wingtips being BOL-less and the wing ones being BOL. Which means you have 2/4 Aim9M and not 6.

It’s really annoying

Well, what you said there is done in the files already. Adding not stock variant at the same pylon would be a very good thing.

Thats a little harder, as once again missile with bol game sees as a different missile. While in stock scenarios it would be a easy fix by adding non stock version at the spot, here you cant make it

Yeah, it is a fiddly situation. Though its a real shame the engine can’t just… handle it.

Im going to say it, again… WT needs a recode, with all the things wrong, bugging out and breaking. The Og code from over 10 years ago was not ready for what we have now. Adding new lines and making the giant spaghetti wont fix it


Yep, it was designed for Spitfires vs BF109 and the code for F-16s, Mig-29s and Gripens dogfighting each other is just a bodge ontop of bodge on that original code.

Yea, and sadly i do not think total rehaul of the code will happen any time soon, as it does 2 things that company hates. Consume resources (money/time) and does not give it back in a short run. In a long run it can save time/money by making new addition and fixes easier and can generate more revenue due to more people playing a well made game. Sadly the snail seems to be looking only in the short term.

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Curious then that these technical reasons arbitrarily do not effect certain nations equipping the R-73 stock and only seem to center around the AIM-9M’s ability to be a stock missile.

It does. Su 27 for sure, i dont remember if it does SMT

The SMT, after the backlash initially, as it was going to have R-60Ms back on dev, does indeed get R-73s stock.

I see no real reason for everybody else to not get their top end AAMs included in the same way, given, well, these aircraft have that boon.

Top tier stock grind is already abysmal, there is no reason to not have a even playing field when it comes to modification grind.