Suggestion: Put J-8B in 11.3 by adding PL-5E/PL-8

J-8B doesn’t perform well compared to J-7E despite following it in the tech tree. It is underperforming in almost every aspect.
J-8B has:

  • Worse flight performance (J-7E has double delta wing to keep speed, J-8B bleed speed in turn like MiG-21)
  • Worse RWR (J-7E recently got an RWR with fine zones like the one on A-5C, while the RWR on the J-8B is still 4-sided)
  • Almost the same weapon (J-7E has 4x PL-5B, J-8B has 4x PL-5B / 2x PL-5B + 2x Aspide, but the bad radar makes the Aspide very hard to use so taking 4x PL-5B is often better)

I suggest that to make J-8B useful, it can be buffed with PL-5E/PL-8 and put into 11.3 to fill the gap between J-7E and J-8F.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I saw somewhere that J-8B block 2 has a pulse-doppler radar. If that is true, making the J-8B in the game as a block 2 model can also be an option.


PL5E is just an omnidirectional version of PL5B, and currently the PL5B anti-interference in the game is very poor. If he wants to go to 11.3, he must obtain at least PL5EII or PL8A. (The PL8 in the game is PL8A, while the PL5EII is a PL5 with PL8B’s guidance head, which has excellent anti-interference performance)