Suggestion loadout for Su-17M2 for Ground battles

Hello there, i was curious for a while to hear what other people use for loadouts for the Su-17M2 in ground battles. Or maybe tell me to swap to a different vehicle (like the Su-25) cause this vehicle doesn’t have countermeasures. So here i go with mine
i got 2 loadouts that i like to use.

^ This one i made couple days ago and on my experience its quite nice to use, i use it with a 0.5 second detonation and get at least couple kills with it. The unguided rockets i use as both countermeasures and against SPAA/SPAA hand tracked missiles (doesn’t work always).

^ and this one i have used since i unlocked the vehicle a long while ago, while this might seem to me as a great loadout (to me) it kind of overloads my ability to defend myself if i get attacked by SPAA missiles. I have to select the Kh-29L (first choose of attack) with weapon selection mode and then keep going straight at the target with my laser pointed. Any slight movement can cause the rocket to miss, especially if i get attacked by SPAA. So i kind of stopped using this one when i made the first one.
These are my 2 loadouts, maybe others have a more simpler loadout or different strategies, i’m all ears to know and learn.

Well, swapping to SU-25.
You get 8 Good unquided rockets(s-250) & 2x R60M. ( I dont use those laser rockets at all, since SU25 optic is carbage)
80 piece S-130F & missiles , and those are ok.
If you like gun runs more, you can swap max 4 rocket pods off and replace em on 23mm guns.
Negative side is, that it is slow brick in air. Still personally, I skipped using all other strike aircrafts on soviet line in GRB.

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Yeah for the Su-25 i’ m already using the S-25O loadout with R-60M’s, i just like to use vehicles of its Br together; and since i’ m at 10.3 i am using the Su-17M2. I’ll think about if I’ll just be using the Su-25 instead, even though i perform kind of bad in it with being unable to flare off ground missiles and being slow.
Thanks for your help :D

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I used SU-25 until I got SU-25T… But fair enough I grinded that event SU before T version.
So yeah, even that it’s lower br I personally like to use vehicle what works better, even if it’s lower br.
And now, I’m going MIG-27K , since that SU25t is bit too slow on top tier against top aa’s
And I dont like to use su 27 on ground games.
But personal opinion it’s still valid until getting either T version or Mig 27 for ground targets. That speed and bricklike flying makes it harded to use on toptiers… But same goes on T version also, even that it got TV missiles, and lot better optic.

yeah i also got the Event Su-25BM, it actually in terms of armament has better ones than the Su-25T except in the ATGM’s.

Same armament eventually.
TV missiles are better on BM compared to T.
What is bit intresting, since 39 and BM both uses KH-29TE and T version uses “just” KH-29T.
And Targeting pod on T , but no thermals on it.
And IR jammer, what does next to nothing :D