Suggestion for the new Leopard 40/70

I was thinking, instead of putting a Leopard at 4.3, maybe it’s better to put it at 6.7 with HE-VT ammo, since they lack anti-aircraft vehicles in that RB to at least make sense of a leopard instead of putting it so low rate.


If it gets VT and gets more vertical traverse it will be the same BR as the wz305 which is 8.0. Or at least close to 8.0.

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honestly I highly doubt it, given that the ZSU and WZ tend to have high rates due to their anti-tank characteristics


Nope, 4.3 is very good, we must consider the similar vehicles

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ZSU-57-2 is 7.0 because of AT. WZ is 8.0 is because of what SPAA capabilities the VT fuzes give

it’s fine, however I think that with the rate of fire, the survivability of the vehicle, and the low power against tanks it is correct to put it at 6.7, since there is a gap that needs to be filled. with this performance he cannot be shot into the sky of ranks, and I add lastly that the HE-VTs are not game chancing especially with ammunition under 50mm given that the explosive charge is too low to be as incisive as in the WZ given that they are 57mm twin guns

If you look at the CV9040B at 9.7 it very much is game changing in its secondary role as spaa. And that thing gets a limited ready rack.

Adding VT majorly increases the BR as it adds a significant buff in terms of spaa capabilities.

It would put it in the 7.0 to 8.0 range, probably closer to 8.0

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I can imagine your concern but given that it will be the most delicate anti-aircraft in the game I think it is useless to put it at high ranks, and I assure you that that 40mm won’t be anything that broken. rather as usual I would prefer to have him try that rate and then raise it if you really have to since they don’t have these problems with Italians.

When the WZ305 is 8.0 and is overall a very good spaa. How will something with a better ROF, more survivable profile, not be broken at 6.7?

If they want to try testing the waters, at least 7.3 would be more appropriate

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if you think that 4 guys more exposed than m42 with a 3 meter high tank are more durable than a wz with a low profile you are very wrong since the whole crew is in the turret (with non-existent armor) except the pilot.

Yes, because unlike the WZ305, the whole turret isnt made out of ammo.

Like the lowest BR VT fuze is the Bkan 1C iirc. Which is 6.7. And the only reason its at that BR is because you get 14 rounds total. And thats one of the better spaa vehicles at that BR

isn’t lowest br VT fuse 6.0 with 2S1 and in next update GER and ISR also get 6.0 VT in form of M109.

Ah, my bad. Forgot about those.

Bkan 1C at least has ok RoF its 14 rounds

RN it is on par with the Lvkv 42 and AMX-30 DCA 40, it is fine where it is, the hull means nothing survivability wise, just splash some MG fire on the turret and boom dead

Fully agree. Get this 1960s crap out of the mid WW2 BR range. It can easily be replaced by the WW2 Hungarian 40M Nimrod which has a very similar gun and would be a MUCH better addition.