Suggestion for field modifications

Hello everybody!
Greetings from Brazil!
Well, I’m thinking about making a different suggestion, but before making a topic in the suggestion tab, I thought it would be better to post it here first so we can discuss it.
Imagine the following situation
Are you playing on a PzIV J and can you get an electric motor from the PzIV H turret?
Or the same situation but on a 105mm Sherman and you get the electric rotation system from another Sherman
Or some tank tracks to use as additional protection for your tank.
You are playing the T-54 but unlock a T-55 “turret engine”
You are playing as the Leopard 1, and unlock the cannon stabilization or laser rangefinder of a more modern Leopard.
It is a true universe to be explored.
These modifications can come out in random draws in the game, or purchased with golden eagles.

What do you think ?

Absolutely fucking not.

This was tried by Gaijin many years ago and what happened is that they were forced to remove it and tried to make everyone forget it happened.

This isn’t battlefield. The only field modifications in game would be as modifications. The “U” series of German field upgrades and the cannibalized front of destroyed Sherman hulls welded onto the hull of a good tank.
Besides the Pz IV J is the H with a manual traverse compared to the automatic one.

my friend is ok ,no?

I would prefer this as a progression model than the current one, where each vehicle is a “photo snapshot” of a model of a vehicle during its service life that you have to “unlock” each time, and the “upgrades” and “modifications” are really just repairs, maintenance, and equipment to improve the vehicle to the performance it should have fresh from the factory (since… you just “bought” the thing).
Much better and logical/realistic if you first unlock the initial, even prototype of a vehicle, and then progressively work down its improvement history.
Of course, WT’s entire business and game progress model totally can’t support that, so it will never happen.