Suggestion for a new public statistics API


I’m comming from a background of a long time War Thunder player and also programmer/developer.
I’m honestly SO tired of the talk of “russian bias”, “germany suffers” and all that shit. I like discussions to be based on facts. Therefore I would like to suggest to Gaijin to create a publicly available API with live statistics. Both statistics for an individual player (like the one ThunderSkill seems to have access to), a squadron, but also for all available vehicles etc. Basically the more statistics and data available the better.

Managing this shouldn’t be too hard as it can be locked with API keys that can be handed out on request and through the API key Gaijin can easily keep track on and block parties that sends too many queries.

This way we, the community, could once and for all know the facts in such discussions, which would most likely create a less toxic environment in the game community, because the facts are on the table about how things stand.

This would also help players point out vehicles that stand out performance-wise so that Gaijin can adress the issues by lowering/increasing the BR of said vehicle.

I feel like this should be a win-win for Gaijin and the entire War Thunder community as a whole since it would also show Gaijin choosing a way of transparency going forward which I believe would give the community even more faith in Gaijin wanting the best for their game and make ammends after all the hot feelings with review bombings and what not.

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Already been answered by Gaijin multiple times that this won’t happen.

Answered already might be true, but I feel like in light of recent events and more than a little change in how things are usually done at Gaijin I’m rooting for a change in this department as well :)