Suggested nerf for the Pantsir S1

My only problem is that thing can shoot outside render range which is I found annoying af when you see empty ground shooting missile at you but you don’t see them


Ah… well that explains why my usual anti-pantsir tactics aren’t working anymore. So i guess Air has been once again denied to anyone who isnt russia or teamed up with russia. Again…

Not only that. But the moment you spawn in the air. You have about 5 seconds to either gtfo or dip down to treetop level. Otherwise you are dead.

Once again… there is barely any reason to play any other nation at top tier but russia. Probably the best tanks, really good cas, best SPAA, Best Helo.


still crying about F-16C typical Russian main

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It’s nerfed by having a broken radar that swaps lock all the time. I’d say it was added an update or 2 early but now with the new handheld cas it should stay and more spaa should be added

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problem is which one TT, most nations dont have any standalone spaas left or they are in development right now, mostly japan (radar missle addition), israel and italy might be able to still get real upgrades, for germany, sweden , france we are getting in an akward territory. US might have some type lying around i just dont know about

If that’s the case, Gaijin made a big mistake by adding newer aircraft to the game.
At the moment, only thing they could do is to allow only <= 11.7 aircraft in GRB, while also putting Pantsir in line with other top tier SPAA.

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yeah because of doctrines western nation focused on using aircraft as anti air, while russia /china have standalone vehicles since they needed to focus more on defeating the air superiority of nato + when you want to advance into a nation standalone systems are more practical, on the other hand western systems are more defensive orientated, you station it once to defend certain hardpoints or positions of intrest like patriot, iris t slm, S-400.
The only real next step western nation would get are patriot etc

And that why AGM-88 HARM exist funny Pantsir in the game almost have no risk being slap by HARM (i wish i can get one in the game so i can make that pantsir bleed even harder)like irl but well fly fast and high always works against them all it need it just fast planes (RIP harrier gr7 we got good time together)

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I unlocked it and it’s not really as OP as I expected from all the hype. you can still get spawncamped by F-16s. It’s great against helis though.

No need to nerf, why people always want to nerf something instead of add something new? If gaijin add AH64E with agm114L, SPIKE II for Europe and KG502 for CN, and more F16C substitution for other nations, will anyone complain Pantsir s1 is too strong?

actually to the contrary, I liiive for tank gameplay/don’t really care to fly CAS… my issue with Pantsir is that it basically guarantees Russian air superiority in every match… since most players won’t even spawn CAS/air superiority fighters now and it’s just 2-3 Pantsirs keeping the skies clear as Ka-52s/Mi-28s and MiG-27K/29SMTs clean house of your ground forces… there’s almost no counter except if you can spawn 3-7 jets up at once overwhelming Pantsirs, (which btw can only happen if at least 3-6 players have 830 SP each for F-16C/F-14B with GBUs/AGM-65s) as they have so many missiles and cannons that there’s virtually no way to counter them alone, so people don’t even try. it ruins the gamemode and makes every game just a race against time to deny Russian players the pitifully small amount of SP required to spawn CAS themselves (specifically helicopter ATGM buses that cost a fraction of what it does to spawn a jet with guided munitions)


BlockquoteAh… well that explains why my usual anti-pantsir tactics aren’t working anymore.

Correct, I realized something was changed when I finally had enough and brought out my F-16A, did the whole "u-turn from spawn and climb ASAP at 16-26km tactic and promptly got slapped by a Pantsir while sideclimbing at well around 17km from their spawn, and was like “HOW” and decided to have a look… just to see the new buffed statcard for it. it’s ridiculous lol.

Yes. I still would, as very few players even have access to F-16C or any of the other top dogs of CAS… most players are using 10.0-11.0 vehicles. tbh I think it should be like Naval, where you aren’t allowed to bring CAS of a BR higher than the tanks can even go (12.3 aircraft in tanks 11.7 matches, and as was said before that Russia should get a TOR M2 or other system like that that actually has balance)

you’re using the wrong radar mode lol, tap “change radar mode” and you get the basically unbreakable lock that doesn’t show range but instead gives you the most consistent (and undetectable by RWR) lock. (also switch to the head-off mode for your missiles, default detonation mode is less accurate)

Blockquote How do you gonna explain that anything that faces Russia spawns withing the Pantsir range… - yeah, It might be easy to dodge at this range, doesn’t matter.

Fun fact, you actually can’t in many aircraft, planes like A-10 are so slow that I’ve actually reliably shot them down within 8 seconds of spawning because the action to roll and dive takes so long that they can’t do it before getting out of the S1’s killzone. (yes, contrary to what some have said, I actually have the Pantsir and am always blown away by the sheer power of it when I use it, next to an actually balanced SPAA like the FlaRakRad)

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SO… MUCH… THIS!!! for me, playing on mediums/some highs is downright maddening, as at 10km+, the ground stops showing what it is accurately and starts looking planar for how chasms get smoothened out into like a 5-10 polygon slab of ground without any visible area (or hills grow/shrink and there’s no way to see if you locked ground or SPAA). I rarely use CAS, and when I do it’s always a striking mess how it doesn’t show at all what the ground actually is like at GBU/AGM-65 standoff range.

I thought I recently heard something about them doing something the make it more balanced, but what really needs to happen more than this to balance everything is BR decompression and expansion to ranges of maybe 14.0 BR to make things a little better for things that go against things like the pantsir S1, but in the grand scheme of thing, it does its job exceptionally well, that is, get rid of CAS, but there’s a way to absorb some changes to make it better

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This looks like yet another “russia seriously isnt op, you just need to play better” reply for a top tier russia abuser whos worried that he might actually have to be able to compete on his own merits as a player instead of resting on the absolute lowest skill floor vehicles in the entire game



That’s what I came up on the spot. I am not saying its a perfect idea, it was just an example. We can all clearly agree though that we need improvement in this regard.
Gaijin had 10 years to come up with a new game mode, yet they cling to this archaic glorified team death match. War Thunder is a good game don’t get me wrong, but I am convinced that Gaijin doesn’t have a creative team Or if they have one, they lack creativity. I mean even my little 4yo could come up with more fun game modes than we have in the game right now.
I know they tested a new push like mode from BF like a year ago, but as always with Gaijin, it was only half assed (clearly stiched together at the last minute) without any extra thought given to it and players quickly stopped playing it. But Gaijin fails to realise it was not because it was a new game mode, but because it was broken and they were too lazy to fix it.

Sadly that’s also what’s happening to the main game atm.