Suggest adding 8 AGM-114L missiles to the AH-64D

  • Yes, it should be added with 16 rounds of AGM-114L in one go.
  • Yes, it should be added with 8 rounds of AGM-114L in one go.
  • No, it’s not ready yet.

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I don’t want to write the content again; I’ve already posted it in the previous Dev.

Was going to hold back and say 8, but after being tortured mentally fighting russia for the last year, why would I do that. 16.


Godamn not again, guys this is not a matter of the dev server

We already have spike ERs on a heli too now and they did not break the game, so I can’t see 114Ls doing any better at that given the abysmal ground track performance of the longbow radar.

Of Gaijin is really afraid of the missiles tracking through smoke, just disable that feature for balance, say the smoke of all tanks contains chaff like dispersal, heck, some tank smokes today actually do have that feature to begin with.

All we would end up getting is a slightly less crap hellfire with fire and forget capabilities, I would not be surprised if the seeker is modeled poorly and ends up going after wrecks and such exclusively or just having port tracking like the myriad of other F&F ATGMs in game now.